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Meet Sascha Laurenson, owner of High Performance Hoof Care


What’s something few people know about your industry?


The farrier industry is really, really steeped in tradition. The basic concept of a steel horseshoe is a Roman idea. It’s been a very male-dominated industry. But most horses are owned by women.


What’s one thing that’s helped you succeed?


Being open to learning is essential. Otherwise you’d just get left behind. And it’s an expensive business. So you have to be able to financially forecast, ‘how much do I want to spend this year to keep learning?’


What’s the most rewarding part of your job?


Some of these horses have been in a certain way for a long time, which is really unhealthy and the foot is deteriorating, but they just kept going because that’s the nature of a horse – they’re stoic. So for me to go out and change the quality of these horses’ lives is really an incredibly rewarding part of my job.

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“My preference is to use a shoe that is a combination of spring steel and a composite plastic.”

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“I also use glues and casts. A lot of the horses I work on cannot tolerate the nailing process.”

Setting yourself up for success


The first six months for me leaving my job and working on my own in a small business was really difficult financially. Nobody knew me, so why would people pick me? I didn’t feel confident enough to really push myself.


Now I can be selective. I might take on one out of five of the people that contact me. So that’s a good problem to have for a small business.


I don’t advertise. I don’t need to. I have half a dozen vets that I work with and if they have a client with a hoof issue, they will refer the client to me.

  • Sascha Laurenson

“I’m becoming a little more confident about my worth. I’m slowly creeping my prices up to a point that reflects the effort and time I’ve put into my development.

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I’m entitled to earn good money. I provide a good service.”

  • Sascha Laurenson
  • High Performance Hoof Care
  • Goulburn, NSW
  • High Performance Hoof Care, Goulburn


I actually, each year, set aside a certain amount of money to spend on continuing professional development.


I charge a little bit more every time I do another course. I can come back with another tool in the toolbox. My clients generally appreciate me spending money on training. They don’t mind that I build that into my pricing structure.

Preparing for the unknown


The clients see me come out and work on their horse. What they’re not seeing is all the paperwork, the taxes, the messages, the ordering, the checking that you’ve got enough supplies – everything is me. If a ball gets dropped, it’s up to me to find it and pick it back up.


It was getting really hard to source stock, and there were a few tools that I really wanted to buy. As we got further into the pandemic, that little loan kept popping up on my dashboard. I thought, ‘Maybe I could get a whole lot of stuff in one heap.’


It feels so much better knowing that I’m prepared. I want to look like I’m in control.


I’m starting to learn that there are some good debts to have.

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