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Create “Order Here” signs for your Square Kiosk

Who is this article for?
This article is for business owners or team members using Square Kiosk during the open beta period. Square Kiosk requires a subscription to either Square for Restaurants Free, Plus, or Premium. During this open beta period, you have access to Square Kiosk software with your Square for Restaurants subscription with no additional monthly charge.

When you introduce a kiosk at your restaurant, consider alerting your dine-in customers with clear signs to self-serve ordering stations.  

Order your signs and confirm their location in advance of setting up your kiosk. This ensures that your kiosk and signs are ideally located for your staff and your customers. You can create custom signs or download our sign templates below.

Before you begin

Square Kiosk combines hardware, software, and payments — an all-in-one self-service ordering solution. To participate in the beta program, visit the following link on your desktop or laptop: Get Started with Square Kiosk.

Download “Order Here” sign templates 

Open the linked PDF to view templates for “Order Here” signs. The Order Here Templates from Square are compatible with two printing formats from Vistaprint: 

Contact us

Let us know if you have any questions while going through setup – we’re here to help. Reach us at Share your experience with Square Kiosk by filling out our feedback survey.

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