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Menu Set Up Checklist for Square for Restaurants

Use your existing menu library and items in Square and build out a new menu in Square for Restaurants. To get started:

Make sure your Item Library is up to date.

  1. Go to your Item Library in your Square Dashboard.

  2. Make sure each item is categorized correctly.

  3. Add any items that are missing and ensure that you categorize them.

Create a New Menu

  1. Visit your Menus in your Square Dashboard.

  2. Click Create a Menu.

  3. Name your menu and select a location.

Access the Menu Editor Tool

  1. Click Edit POS Layout. From here, the editor view resembles a blank iPad screen.

Create a Display Group

  1. Click a blank tile space.

  2. Click New Display Group.

  3. Name the display group and select a color. 

  4. Click Save.

Note: Review how your customer menu is organized. You can separate items into categories (i.e. appetizers, salads, meats.)

Add items to your Display Group

  1. Navigate to the display group you just created. 

  2. Click the “>” arrow.

  3. Click a blank tile space.

  4. Click the + and select Existing Items.

  5. Scroll through all your categories and mark which items you want to add to the Display Group.

Note: To add categories and items in bulk, click Existing Items and select the down arrow next to Categories. Click Save and repeat until you’ve added all your menu items and display groups.

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