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Square Charge for Desktop FAQ

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about Square Charge for Desktop.

How often do I have to log in?

Once you log in, your session will last for 30 days unless you log out.

Can I take an itemized sale through Square Charge for Desktop?

No, Square Charge for Desktop does not support itemized sales.

Can my team members log in?

No, Square Charge for Desktop only supports the account owner’s credentials at this time. However, note that if the account owner’s credentials are used to log in to Square Charge for Desktop, this will not give the user access to your online Square Dashboard.

Why do I need to enter a ZIP or postal code?

When you are processing card payments on Square Charge for Desktop, if the card was issued in the United States, Canada or the United Kingdom, a ZIP code field will appear and you will need to enter a ZIP or postal code. These are used as an additional form of security to verify the card is being used by the cardholder or authorized person.

What are the processing fees?

Our standard processing fees apply to the payments processed through Square Charge for Desktop. Learn more about the Square processing fees.

When should I provide an email or a mobile number for my customer?

You should only provide a customer email or mobile number if your customer has requested a digital payment confirmation. This email or mobile number will be used to send your customer a digital receipt of the transaction.

Can I make changes to the charge?

Not at this time. Square Charge for Desktop does not currently offer the ability to make changes to the amount charged. Find out how to refund a transaction, add a discount, or calculate and add tips through Virtual Terminal.

Can I process split tender payments, gift cards, or recurring payments?

Not at this time. While the ability to split tender types is not currently possible with Square Charge for Desktop, it is available through the Square Virtual Terminal. Find out how to split a payment on Square Virtual Terminal and learn more about split tender payments in our Virtual Terminal FAQ.

To accept gift cards, you can process payments with Square Virtual Terminal.

The ability to set up recurring payments is not currently available with Square Charge for Desktop; however, you can set up and manage recurring payments with Square Virtual Terminal.

I have a suggestion for the app. How can I contact you?

If you’d like to see a feature added to Square Charge for Desktop, you can use the in-app feedback feature. simply Click the menu icon to open your app Settings, and select the option Send Feedback to contact us directly.

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