Translate Your Square Online Site

Translating your Square Online site is a great way to reach more customers for your business. If you have a diverse customer base that interacts with your business in different languages, you can make your websites multilingual using a few available methods.

Note: For either of these methods to work, be sure your site is published from the Square Online site editor.

Make One Site Multilingual Automatically


You can automatically translate one Square Online site in multiple languages using our partnership with Weglot. With this method, you won’t have to maintain multiple sites in each of your target languages. To start:

  1. From your Square Online Overview page, go to Apps.

  2. Select View all apps to go to the Square App Marketplace.

  3. Search for the Weglot Translate app and connect it to your Square account by selecting Get Started.

  4. In your Weglot account, confirm that Weglot should have access to your Square account.

  5. Choose the site that should be translated and select Save to continue.

  6. Add your site title as the project name and select Save to continue.

  7. Select the original language your site was created in and choose which languages you want to translate your site to.

  8. Select Save when finished.

From here, once you choose your translation languages and Weglot starts to process the information (which can take up to a few hours), you’ll see a language selector appear on the bottom right corner of your live website. Choosing any of the languages in the selector will translate the entire website.

This option is ideal if the written content on each of your sites will be the same (just in a different language).

Translate Each of Your Sites Manually


If you prefer to manage separate websites for each language you support, you can start by translating the non-editable text for each of your Square Online sites (e.g. your site’s checkout page). To start:

  1. From your Square Online Overview page, go to Settings > Language & Units.

  2. Under "Site language," select Change site language.

  3. Choose a new language and select Save when finished.

When using this method, all other editable text on your site should be written in the target language in the site editor (i.e. this option won’t automatically translate your site's editable text). You can optionally link between each of your sites by manually adding links to each one.

This option is ideal if the content of each individual website is different. For example, website 1 can be in language A to serve one purpose, while website 2 can be in language B to serve a different purpose.

Translate Your Videos

Although you can't translate any uploaded videos on your site directly in Square Online, if you have videos from YouTube added to your site, you can translate their subtitles with automatic captions in YouTube. Learn more about displaying videos on your website with Square Online for more information.