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Accept ACH Invoice Payments

Automatic Clearing House (ACH) is a network for electronic funds transfer among US financial institutions. ACH bank transfers have a lower processing fee - just 1% with Square Invoices using ACH bank transfer - making it a great option for large ticket industries.

Important Details About ACH

  • ACH payments take up to 3-5 business days to process.

  • ACH bank transfers have a minimum fee of $1 per transaction.

  • The ability to cancel or refund a pending ACH payment is not available at this time.

  • ACH bank transfer does not support partial payments at this time.

  • If ACH is enabled, you'll be unable to set up payment schedules. Uncheck ACH as a payment method to set up a payment schedule for the invoice.

ACH Invoice from the Online Square Dashboard

  1. In your Square Invoices, select Send an invoice.

  2. Select or add a customer, then select a Frequency.

  3. Add items to your invoice, then choose to charge immediately or schedule for a future date.

  4. Under "Payment method," enable ACH bank transfer.

  5. Choose to share via Email or Manually, and add additional recipients as needed.

  6. Use the default reminders or click Edit reminders to change.

  7. Preview, Save as Draft, or Send the invoice.

ACH Invoice from the Square App

  1. Open the Square app and tap Invoices in the navigation menu.

  2. Tap Create Invoice.

  3. Select or add a customer.

  4. Add Items to your invoice, then choose to charge immediately or schedule for a future date and/or make this invoice recurring or send one-time.

  5. Under Payment Methods, tap Payment methods accepted and enable ACH bank transfer.

  6. Preview the Invoice, then tap Send.

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