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Square Online Domains and ICANN's WHOIS Database

Registering and managing domains is an important part of managing a website. Here, you will learn more about what ICANN is, and what ICANN has to do with you and your domain. You'll also learn about the WHOIS database and its lookup tool, and their relationship with you and your contact information.

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ICANN is the international, non-profit organization that oversees the registration of all domain names globally. Whenever you register a domain with your contact information, it is registered online on ICANN's public database known as WHOIS. You can learn more about the domain lifecycle and RGP, and about the WHOIS database and how it relates to your personal information, on the ICANN website.

If you need additional support from ICANN directly, please visit ICANN's Global Support Centers.

WHOIS Registry

According to ICANN, all domains registered on the web must have current contact information from the person, or entity, that registered that domain. This information is then stored and displayed in the public WHOIS database. Although contact information is required, it is not required to be public. Learn more below.

Manage your WHOIS contact information

To manage your domain's WHOIS registrant contact information, please follow the directions below:

  1. Go to the Domain area of your Square Online Overview page.

  2. Select the domain in question.

  3. Under CONTACT INFORMATION, select Edit by the information you wish to change (contact information for REGISTRANT, ADMIN, and TECHNICAL will all be the same in most cases).

  4. Select Save when finished.


Note: Making any changes to your registrant contact information (email, phone number, first/last name, address) will result in a 60 day registrar lock, during which you will be unable to transfer your domain away from Square. If you wish to transfer the domain completely soon, please do not update your registrant information.

See WHOIS contact information

To see your, or anyone's, public WHOIS contact information, you can use the WHOIS lookup tool. If the contact information is hidden, the search result will show the contact information is either hidden/redacted, belongs to the domain's registrar, or belongs to some other public entity.

Hide WHOIS contact information with Privacy Protection

Privacy Protection allows you to hide your WHOIS registrant contact information for your domain. By default, all the required information you register your domain with is registered publicly on the ICANN WHOIS database, so anyone can use the WHOIS lookup tool to search for you, regardless of your website being published or not.

Spammers, scammers, and telemarketers often times use the WHOIS lookup tool to collect personal information to use as they see fit. With Privacy Protection, we submit our information to the WHOIS database in place of yours. We then filter out any spam contacts, and forward legitimate ones to you privately.

To clarify, you maintain 100% ownership of your domain with this service. It also doesn't prevent anyone from accessing your site, as it simply secures your personal information.

Additionally, having this service does not have an extra cost. Privacy Protection is included with all domains registered and hosted at Square through Square Online.

If the domain is hosted by a third party, you will need to ask your domain host about adding Privacy Protection to it. If they charge for this service, as an alternative, you can update the administrative contact information for your domain using, for example, contact information that's already public (e.g. business information).

WHOIS contact information verification email

If you register a domain name with Square, transfer your domain to Square, or make changes to a domain’s contact information, you may receive an email asking you to confirm that contact information by clicking a link. Since ICANN requires domain registrars to ensure the accuracy of WHOIS contact information for all domains, this verification email is part of that process. Be sure to act promptly in order to avoid having your domain name suspended.

If your domain has been suspended due to lack of verification, your website (and any associated services like email) will stop working. You’ll need to log into your Square account, and go to the Domain area of your Square Online Overview page to use the link you see to re-send the verification email. Then, be sure to follow the instructions in that email to un-suspend your domain, and get your website back online.

You will also get a verification email annually from Square's registrar to confirm this contact information is accurate. These emails typically require no action if the contact information doesn't need to be updated.

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