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Square Online Password Protection

To enable password protection, your website must be on the Professional plan or higher.

The pages on your website are public by default, meaning anyone can find and view them, but you can also place some or all of your pages behind a password to limit access.

Password Protect Your Whole Site


Setting a password for your entire site is very simple. Log into your account and go to the Website > General Settings page and click the link to set a password. Next, click the “Change password protection” button and select the option to password protect the whole site. Save, then publish your website to make your changes live.

If you ever want to disable the password, you can turn it off in Website > General Settings via the Change password protection button.

Password Protect Specific Pages


You can also password protect individual pages. Open your website in the editor and click the Page list. Click an existing page or add a new page to apply a password. Once you’ve selected or created a page, click the gear icon across from the page name and open the page settings.


If you haven’t already set up a password, use the link here to do that now. Click the menu to change the page visibility to Password protected, then click the Save button to apply your changes. Publish your website to make the changes live. Visitors who attempt to view these pages will be prompted to enter the password that you created.

Remove Password Protection from a Page

If you want to remove password protection from a page, open the page in the editor and click the gear icon again to open the settings. Use the menu to set the page visibility back to public, save, then re-publish the website.

Note: Password protection is only available for standard pages. Check out this article to learn how you can use this feature to selectively hide items in your online store.

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