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Add RSS Feeds to Square Online

An RSS Feed is a special type of link that’s used to send content (like blog posts) to be displayed in a web browser or feed reader app.

If you have a blog hosted somewhere else, you can use the RSS Feed section to automatically add recent posts to your website.

Finding Your RSS Feed Link

The actual link to your RSS Feed will vary depending on where your blog is hosted. If you’re using Wordpress, it’s pretty simple - just add /feed/ to the end of your blog url. So if your Wordpress blog is at, the feed link would be Check out the Wordpress help site for more details.

Another popular service is Google’s Blogger. The RSS Feed link for Blogger might look something like this:
You would of course change “” to whatever your actual url is. Google has a help page with more details here.

What if you’re using a totally different blogging platform? Check out this article for some general steps to get your RSS Feed link.

Adding the RSS Feed Section to your website


Choose or create a page to add the feed to and click the “+Add section” button on the left. Select one of the RSS Feed layouts to apply it to the page.

Click the section on the page to open the settings, then use the “Connect feed” button to enter your RSS feed link. You can edit or change the feed URL at any time via the “Manage” link.

The following display settings can be adjusted for the RSS feed section:

Layout - Click the Change layout link to choose a different display style for the feed.

Title and subtitle - This is the text shown at the top of the section. You can turn these off using the toggles. Click on and select the text itself to enter your own title. You can also change the font and text style.

Images - Turn images on or off and adjust the image ratio.

Post titles and descriptions - This is the text shown with each post. If you don’t want them to display, you can disable them using the toggles. You can also change the font and text style for each.

Links - The “Read more” links below the post descriptions. You can disable these and change the font and text style.

Section style - Choose a custom color or upload an image to be used as the background for the entire section. Some layouts also allow you to choose the number of posts displayed, the number of columns, and the spacing between them.

When you’re finished customizing the look of your RSS feed, publish your site to make the content available to visitors.

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