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Create Stories in Square Online

Story pages let you add unique content to your website that can bring in more traffic and keep visitors engaged. Use Stories to talk about your business, highlight new items for sale, suggest recipes or share personal updates – the possibilities are practically unlimited.

Add a Stories Overview Page

The Stories Overview is a dynamic page that displays links to individual stories on your website. When you create a new story, it’s automatically added to the overview page, with the most recent stories at the top. The overview page is customizable and can include other sections in addition to the stories list.

To add a Stories Overview page:

  1. In the website editor, click the Add button and select Page.

  2. Choose Stories overview, and uncheck the box if you don’t want this page in your navigation menu.

  3. Click Add to create the page.


After saving, you’ll see the new page in the editor with the page sections sidebar on the left.
Mouse over the items in the list to see the corresponding section highlighted on the right. Click any item in the list to view and edit options.

The Stories overview page contains the following sections:

Header: This is the header for your entire website, including the navigation menu. Changes made here will apply to all pages on your website.
Stories banner: The banner image at the top of the Stories overview page. Click to open and edit the layout, text, background image and more. You can hide this section from the page by clicking the . . . button.
List of Stories: Click here to open and edit the options for the stories list.
Footer: This the footer for your entire website. Changes you make here will appear on all pages.
Add Section: Add more sections to the Stories overview page.

Click the gear button to edit the settings for the page, make the page your homepage or delete the page.

Edit the Story List Options

The List of Stories section has several design options you can change to customize the appearance.


On the Stories overview page, click List of Stories in the sidebar to access the following settings:

Title: This text appears above the list of stories. You can turn it off and on with the toggle switch and change the font size and formatting for the text. Click the text shown on the page to change the text.
Subtitle: This text appears just below the title. You can turn it off and on with the toggle switch and edit the font size and formatting. Click the text on the page to customize it.
Images: This setting controls the image thumbnails for each story. Use the toggle to turn off image display, and use the button to change the crop style for the thumbnails.
Post titles: The title of each story. You can change the font size and formatting for this text.
Descriptions: Displays the first sentence of each story, unless you have entered a description in the SEO settings for a story. You can toggle the descriptions off and on, and change the font size and formatting.
Links: Provides a link to the full story page. You can toggle these off and on, and change the font size and formatting.
Show More Button: Allows visitors to view more stories. You can toggle the button off and on, and change the style and colour.
Section Style: Edit the background, text readability, and number of stories displayed.

Add and Edit Stories

There are three ways to add a new story:

  1. From the Pages list

  2. Via the Add button

  3. From the List of Stories section of the Stories overview page


Once you’ve added a story, use the options in the sidebar to customize the page appearance.

Story Header: This is a template section, so changes you make here will apply to all story pages. You can change the font size and format for the title, enable and disable social sharing icons, change the background and toggle the date display. Use the checkbox here if you want to override the automatic date function and manually enter dates instead. Click the . . . button if you want to hide the Story Header section from all Story pages.
Story Content: Add or disable image display, edit the font size and format and change the background for stories.

To add text, click the sample text shown on the page and start typing. Your changes are saved automatically as you work. Publish your website to make your stories visible to site visitors.

You can also use sections to add more types of content to stories. Click Add Section and select a section from the list. Click Add to insert it on the page.

SEO and Social Media Settings

You can edit the keywords, description, and social media appearance for both the stories overview and individual story pages.

  1. Select a page from the Pages list

  2. Click the gear button and choose Page Settings

  3. Select General, SEO or Social

Delete Stories

To delete a story, open the Page list and click . . . next to the page you want to remove, then select the delete option.

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