Create Google Workspace Aliases in Square Online

Creating email aliases in Google Workspace enables you to receive mail to different addresses through the same inbox. Each Google Workspace inbox you purchase through Square Online includes the option of creating up to 30 different aliases of that primary address.

Learn more about getting started with Google Workspace for Square Online for more information on setting up and managing your inbox first.

How Aliases Work

Say you create a primary Google Workspace email like "help@mybusiness.com". You can also have aliases of this primary address like "name@mybusiness.com", "contact@mybusiness.com", and up to 28 others.

Aliases are different from the standard email address in that all the messages sent to an alias are simply forwarded to the primary address. In the example above, mail sent to "name@mybusiness.com" and "contact@mybusiness.com" would be forwarded to the primary inbox of "help@mybusiness.com". This makes aliases useful for one person who wants multiple addresses, but not useful for creating addresses for different people (since it’s unlikely you’d want different people accessing the same inbox).

Create an Alias


To create an alias:

  1. In your Square Online Overview page, go to Website > Domains.

  2. Under the domain related to your email address, select Manage > Manage email.

  3. Select Add alias and enter your preferred alias.

  4. Select Save when finished.

The aliases should start working immediately, but give it up to an hour for Google to update their servers. Any message sent to an alias will show up in the inbox of the primary email account.

Send Emails from an Alias

You can send mail from any of your aliases in addition to your primary email address. Learn more about how to send emails from a different address or alias in Google's support center.