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Bulk Edit Square Online Items, Categories, and Coupons

If you have a website with lots of items, categories, or coupons, you can save time by making use of batch editing. Batch editing allows you to make changes across multiple items at once.

Filter and Batch Edit Items

To edit your items in bulk in Square Online, please follow the directions below:

  1. Go to your Square Online Overview page > Items > Item Library/Site Items.

  2. If you need to filter your item list so only certain items appear, select Filter. You will be able to use filters such as item Visibility, Stock quantity, Fulfillment, and others. When finished, select Apply filters.

  3. In the item list, mark the checkbox on the far left of each item you want to edit, and you will see the corresponding editing options appear at the top of the item list under Bulk edit.

Depending on what items you've selected, you may see more or less options appear. For instance, if you've selected all physical and food item types, then you can bulk edit the items' category, fulfillment method (e.g. shipping, delivery, pickup), sales tax, and visibility (e.g. visible, hidden, unavailable). If you were to select a physical item, donation item, and membership item, you would only be able to edit the item category and visibility (since those are the only editing options they all have in common).


You can perform the following actions on multiple items:

  • Delete (if you have a single site)

  • Remove from site (if you have multiple sites)

  • Mark as hidden

  • Mark as unavailable

  • Mark as visible

  • Remove sales tax

  • Charge sales tax

  • Set fulfillment method

  • Add to category

When changing the fulfillment method for multiple items, be sure you have not selected any non-physical items, like donations or digital items. These item types don’t use the standard fulfillment methods, so you won’t see the option to change the fulfillment method if you’ve selected any.

Batch Edit Variations


If you have items with variations such as size or color, you can batch edit those options. Click on the item to open it, then scroll down to the variations section. You can edit all item options at once using the top left checkbox, or you can select specific options - this is handy if you have a large number of options and need to edit only some of them. In the example above, the weight is being edited for all options at the same time.

Batch Delete Categories


To delete multiple categories at once, go to Items > Categories, select the categories you want to delete, and click Delete. Subcategories are automatically included when the parent category is selected, so always double check before confirming a delete action, as this can’t be undone.

Note: Deleting a category will not delete any associated items.

Batch Delete Coupons


You can also delete coupons in batches. To do so, go to Items > Coupons if you have a single site, or Settings > Coupons if you have multiple sites. Then select the coupons you want to remove, and click Delete.

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