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Square Online Item Reviews

Customer reviews are a great way to build confidence in potential buyers and increase sales. If you’ve upgraded your site, you can turn on this feature from the dashboard in Items > Reviews.


Click enable, and then choose how long you want to wait to send a review request to customers. You can select from 2, 3, or 4 weeks.

Once the selected amount of time has passed, your customer will receive an email asking them to write an item review. The email will contain a link to a page on your site where they can choose a star rating and leave their comments. After submitting the review, the customer will see a message letting them know that their review has been sent and is pending approval from the store owner.


You’ll find any submitted reviews in the Items section of the Store page, and you can filter them by status.

Click on any review to read the full comment text and approve or reject it. Approved reviews will show up on your website on the item page. If you decide to reject a review, it won’t be displayed on the item page and the customer won’t be notified about the rejection.

Whether you choose to approve or reject a review, you can reply directly to the customer from the review details page.

If your reply is public, it will appear on the item page below the customer’s comments. Customers can sort published reviews by most recent or by rating (low to high or high to low).

What if you get a bad review? Don’t panic - it happens to every business! Getting a bad review might feel…well, bad, but you should consider approving critical reviews from your customers instead of rejecting them. Why? Negative feedback provides a more complete picture for potential buyers and lends credibility to your business - an item with only perfect ratings looks a little suspicious, after all. Bad reviews also give you a great opportunity to show everyone that you care about and listen to your customers. Use the reply feature to let not-so-happy campers know that you’re willing to work with them to make things right!

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