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Set Up Your Team with Square for Retail

Square for Retail Plus includes basic scheduling features. If you need access to more advanced staff tools, such as unlimited permission sets and team member badges, you can sign up for Advanced Access separately. If you need advanced time tracking, scheduling more than 10 days out, and commission tracking, you can subscribe to Square Shifts Plus.  Learn more about Square for Retail.

Create a New Team Member Profile

  1. From Staff > Team > Team Members list in your online Square Dashboard, click Create Team Member.

  2. Enter the member’s name and personal information > Save. Note: An email address or phone number is required to send the team member an invite to set up their account. 

  3. Under Compensation, select whether this team member is exempt from overtime. This is only necessary if you are tracking time with Square Shifts. Assign or create a job title and enter their wage.

  4. To allow your team member to log in to the Square app to accept payments, clock in/out using the Square app, and/or access the online Square Dashboard, click Enable Permissions and select or create a permission set from the dropdown menu.

    • To allow your team member to sign into the Square app and clock in/out using a passcode, enter a custom four-digit passcode or click Generate to create one at random.

    • Enter the email address they will use to log in. This will send the team member an invitation to create a password for their account.

    • If a team member has been given access to both the shared point of sale and online Square Dashboard, they’ll need a Personal Passcode and an email address they’ll use to sign in.

  5. Once finished, click Save.

If applicable, this team member will be invited via email or SMS message to create their own login for accessing online Square Dashboard and/or the Square Point of Sale app on their personal device.

Team Permissions

Team members can be given point of sale permissions, can track their time, and can power labor reports.

Create a New Team Permission Set

  1. Sign in to Staff > Team in your online Square Dashboard > Permissions.

  2. Click Create Permission Set > enter a permission set name (e.g. Cashier, Manager, Delivery Driver).

  3. Select an permission level then click Next.

    • Standard: includes basic permissions to take transactions at the point of sale. Suitable for many team members such as cashiers, baristas, service providers, and front of house.

    • Enhanced: includes more advanced permissions such as backing out of a sale, updating inventory, and managing shifts. Appropriate for team members with roles such as shift lead, manager, and front desk.

    • Full: enables all permissions except managing transfers and bank accounts. Suitable for co-owners, general managers, and other administrative team members.

  4. Enter a name for the permission set, such as “Cashier” or “Delivery Driver.”

  5. Select all of the appropriate permissions for each permission set you create.

  6. Click Save.

Once created, any team member can be assigned to this permission set from their profile.

Keep in mind, not every permission displayed in the permissions list will be applicable to Square for Retail.

Check out the table below with some of the most common team permissions we’ve seen retail businesses use.

Permission Manager Cashier
View all completed sales transactions for all team members ON OFF
Apply restricted discounts and comps to a transaction ON OFF
Cancel transactions ON OFF
Configure checkout settings ON OFF
Items — for all locations OFF OFF
Manually adjust taxes during a transaction ON OFF
Issue refunds ON ON
Full invoices access ON OFF
View, edit, create, and delete customer directory data ON OFF
Update customer loyalty status ON OFF
Transfer funds using instant transfer ON OFF
View all sales reporting and transactions on Dashboard ON ON

Square Shifts

Once you’ve set up your team members and permission sets, you can schedule their time using Square Shifts. To enable Square Shifts, you can choose the free or paid tier from the Shifts section of your Dashboard. Make sure to head to your online Square Dashboard to enable on your device.

Learn more about device settings and getting started with shift management.