Setting Up Your Employees with Square for Retail

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Included with your Square for Retail monthly subscription cost is full access to Team Management. Team Management allows you to create team member profiles for multiple locations and limit the actions your team can take from both the Retail app and online Square Dashboard.

Create a New Team Member Profile

  1. From the Team Members list in your online Square Dashboard, click Create Team Member.
  2. Enter the member’s name and personal information > Save.
  3. Under Compensation, select whether this team member is exempt from overtime. This is only necessary if you are tracking timecards with Square. Assign or create a job title and enter their wage.
  4. To allow your team member to log in to the Square app to accept payments, clock in/out using the Square app, and/or access the online Square Dashboard, click Enable Permissions and select or create a role from the dropdown menu.
    • To allow your team member to sign into the Square app and clock in/out using a passcode, enter a custom 4-digit passcode or click Generate to create one at random.
    • If your team member’s role allows them to access the Square Dashboard or the Square app on their own device, enter the email address they will use to log in. This will send the team member an email inviting them to create a password for their account.
    • If a team member has been given access to both the Square app and online Square Dashboard, they’ll need a Personal Passcode and an email address they’ll use to sign in.
  5. Once finished, click Save.

If applicable, this team member will be invited via email to create their own login for accessing online Square Dashboard and/or the Square Point of Sale app on their personal device.

Team Permissions

Team members can be given point of sale permissions, can track their time, and can power labor reports.

Create a New Team Role

  1. Sign in to the Team section of your online Square Dashboard > Permissions.
  2. Click Create Role > enter a role name (e.g. Cashier, Manager, Delivery Driver).
  3. Select where you would like to give a team member access:
    • Access Shared Point of Sale: Allow this team member to access your Point of Sale using a 4-digit passcode (e.g. multiple team members sharing the same point of sale).
    • Access Dashboard: Allow this employee to sign in to your online Square Dashboard using their own email and password.
    • Access Mobile Point of Sale: Allow this team member to sign in to the Square app using their own email and password on their own device. (e.g. team members taking payments on the go).
  4. Check the box for every permission you would like to give a team member access to.
  5. Click Save.

Once created, any team member can be assigned to this role from their profile.

Keep in mind, not every permission displayed in the permissions list will be applicable to Square for Retail.

Check out the table below with some of the most common team permissions we’ve seen retail businesses use.

Permission Manager Cashier
Access Sales Activity ON OFF
Apply Restricted Discounts ON OFF
Cancel Transactions ON OFF
Change Settings: Offline Payments, Instant Deposit, etc ON OFF
Edit Items, Taxes, and Manage Inventory OFF OFF
Edit Taxes in a Sale ON OFF
Issue Refunds ON ON
Manage and Create Invoices ON OFF
Manage Customers ON OFF
Update Customer Loyalty Status ON OFF
Use Instant Deposit ON OFF
View Reports ON ON

Time Cards

Once you’ve set up your Team Members and Roles, you can track their time worked using Square’s Time Card Management. To enable Time Card Management, make sure to head to your online Square Dashboard to enable on your device settings.

Learn more about device codes and getting started with Time Card Management.

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