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Instant Transfers Unavailable Troubleshooting

There are a number of reasons why you aren’t able to use instant transfers at the moment.

  • You haven’t linked a bank account to Square, or your bank account hasn’t completely verified. Link a bank account or check your verification status from your online dashboard.

  • Your current balance is below the minimum amount (after fees): $25 for instant transfers and $1 for same-day transfer.

  • You have at least one transaction in your balance greater than $10,000. Square cannot send transactions greater than $10,000 via instant transfers or same-day transfer.

  • You’re new to Square and you’ve already sent one instant transfer of $2000 today.

  • Your transfer may have been impacted as a result of a regular account review. We periodically review accounts to ensure customer security. Instant transfer will become available when this review has been completed.

Link a Supported Bank Account

To use instant transfers, you have to link a verified bank account If you haven’t linked a bank account—or if there has been an issue with linking your bank account—instant transfers will be unavailable.

If you have attempted to link your bank account and it isn’t supported, you’ll see an error message asking you to try linking a supported debit card. If you attempted to link a Visa or MasterCard debit card that was issued outside of the U.S., it may also have been declined. Learn more about linking a supported debit card.

Supported Bank Accounts with Instant Transfers

We currently support most U.S. banks. Credit cards, ATM, PayPal, or prepaid bank cards aren’t supported at this time. You’ll need to link a supported bank account to your Square account to use instant transfers.

Note: we can’t confirm if a bank is supported until an attempt to link it to Square has been made.

However, we’ve had strong link success with the following banks to date:

  • Bank of America

  • Citizens Bank

  • JP Morgan Chase

  • Huntington National

  • PNC Bank

  • Regions

  • SunTrust

  • TD Bank

*Note**: If you’re having trouble linking your bank account, you have the option of linking a debit card instead. Review our instant transfers FAQ.

Choose the Right Transfer Amount

Instant transfers will be unavailable if you try to transfer an amount that is outside the required minimum or maximum limit. You can use instant transfers to send funds of at least $25 after Square’s processing fees to your bank account.

Note: You can select any amount over $25 available in your Square balance if you’ve set up manual transfers on your account.

Square is unable to instantly transfer single payments that are larger than $10,000. If your Square account balance is made up of payments that are less than $10,000, you can send repeated instant transfers to empty your entire balance. For example, if you processed 200 payments of $100 for a total account balance of $20,000, you can make two instant transfers of $10,000. But if you processed 1 payment of $20,000 and that single payment makes up your total account balance, you won’t be able to use instant transfer.

Note: New sellers start with a limit of one instant transfer per day of up to $2,000. As you continue processing with Square, higher daily transfer amounts will become available.

See if Your Account is Under Review

We regularly monitor your transactions to keep your account safe. When our system notices something that appears to be out of the ordinary, we suspend transfers to your bank account until we can make sure everything is alright. This suspension will make instant transfer unavailable until our review is complete. We usually complete these reviews within 1 business day. If we need more information to get your transfers moving again, we’ll reach out to you by email.

One of our best tools in keeping Square secure is checking in periodically to make sure that everyone is who they say they are, so we may occasionally reach out to collect information from you. The documentation and information we request from you as part of the security review gives us a sense of how we can be helpful and what we need to do to get your transfers moving again.

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