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Get Rewarded when you Sign Up for Square with a Friend's Referral Link

If you have a friend who uses Square, they can send you an invitation to sign up from their online Square Dashboard. If you follow the link and successfully create an account, both you and your friend will receive free processing for the next $1,000 of card sales. Once you sign up with your friend’s referral code no additional action is needed in order to obtain the free processing reward. The reward will be immediately applied to your account. 

Note: You will need to process at least one payment of $1 or more with Square in order for the account that referred you to receive the free processing reward.

You can view your existing rewards, share your unique referral code to new Square sellers, and add your referral link to your receipts from the Get Free Processing tab in the Account and Settings section of your online Square Dashboard. In your POS app, head to the main menu and tap Settings > Account > Your Rewards to view your current offers and claimed rewards. 

Once your reward is applied, you’ll see fee reimbursements grouped with each transfer Free processing credits are only valid for 180 days. Once your free processing is finished, standard fees for card sales will apply.

Once you’ve created your account, you can check your remaining free processing balance from your online Square Dashboard. From the Transaction tab of your POS app or online Square Dashboard, you can click on an individual payment to view the free processing amount and total fees that were applied to the payment. 

Learn more about: Payment Processing

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