Square's Free Processing Programme

When you invite friends to join Square, you both benefit from rewards – including credits on processing fees up to £1,000 in sales over the next 180 days (6 months). You’ll also have the option to take advantage of £20 off a Square Terminal or Square Stand when referring someone to Square.

Share Your Referral Link

You can share your link directly from your Square Point of Sale app or Square Dashboard.

Share from your Point of Sale app

  1. Download or log in to your Point of Sale app.
  2. From the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen, tap ≡ More.
  3. Select Referrals > Send referral which provides the option to either enter in the email address of the person you wish to refer, share referrals in person via a QR code or copy your referral link to share via text message, X (formerly Twitter), Facebook or elsewhere.
  4. Press Done once you’re finished to send another referral.

Share from your Square Dashboard

  1. Log in to your online Square Dashboard > Account & Settings.
  2. Click Get Free Processing to view your referral link.
  3. You can share your unique link on X (formerly Twitter), Facebook and other social media platforms – or copy and paste it into a text message or email.
  4. To add a referral link to your receipts, toggle on the Add your referral link to Square Receipts option.

For you to receive your referral reward, the new people you refer must be new to Square when they activate their Square account and use your referral link to sign up.

Note: Currently, referrals can only be made within the same country in which your business is located. Cross-border free processing is not available at this time.

Customise Your Referral Link

Create a custom referral link that’s easy to remember and on-brand with your business.

Customize your referral link

  1. Visit the Account & Settings section of your online Square Dashboard > Get Free Processing.
  2. Click Customize to the right of your referral code.
  3. Enter a custom 10-character code.
    Note: Your custom code must be 10 characters.
  4. Click Save.

Note: Creating a custom referral link will invalidate any previous links associated with your account. Make sure to update and share the new custom link going forward.

Add Your Link to Receipts & Invoices

Add your referral link to Square receipts

  1. From the Account & Settings section of your online Square Dashboard, click Get Free Processing.
  2. Toggle on the Add your referral link to Square Receipts option.
  3. Click Save.

Add your referral link to Square Invoices

  1. From your online Square Dashboard > Invoices > Settings > Invoices.
  2. Under Get Free Processing, toggle on Show referral banner on invoice and estimate receipts.

Select Your Reward

After a business you refer creates a Square account using your referral code, we’ll notify you to select a reward. Look out for the notification via email, in your Square Point of Sale app or in your Square Dashboard.

Select a reward from your online Square Dashboard

  1. Navigate to Account & Settings > Get Free Processing.
  2. In the Current Offers section, you will see a Claim button if you have any rewards available to claim.

Note: If a reward is not selected 30 days after a new seller activates their account using your referral code, your credit on processing fees up to £1,000 in sales will be automatically applied to your account.

If you refer more than one friend, you will not be able to combine your £20 redemption code for the Square Terminal or Square Stand. You will only be able to apply one discount code per order. In addition, £20 redemption codes can only be used once.

Track Your Free Processing

While your free processing offer is active, after each payment, we’ll automatically credit your Square balance for the transaction fee, and the reimbursements will be grouped with your next transfer. Learn more about your transfer schedule options.

To view your reimbursements:

  1. Visit the Balance tab of your online Square Dashboard.

  2. Use the date selector tool in the top left of the page to select a custom date range.

  3. Select a transfer from the list to view your free processing credits included in that day’s transfer.

Processing fees are reimbursed to your account on each transfer. Once you process £1,000 of payments or 180 calendar days have passed, your standard pricing will apply.

Note: If you process a refund, Square will first look to your Square balance to cover the refund, including any associated fee reimbursements. If there are insufficient funds in your Square balance, Square will debit your linked bank account.

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