Square's Referral Program

When you invite friends to join Square, you both benefit from reimbursed card processing fees. For each person who activates their account through your referral link, you’ll receive reimbursements on processing fees up to $1,000 in sales over the next 180 days (6 months). Upon activation, your friends will also receive $1,000 in free processing.

After each payment, we’ll automatically credit your Square balance for the transaction fee, and the reimbursements will be grouped with your next transfer. Learn more about our transfer schedule options.

Once you process $1,000 of payments or 180 calendar days has passed (whichever occurs first), you’ll be automatically charged your usual per-transaction fee going forward.

Check your remaining free processing balance at any time by logging in to your online Dashboard.

How to Refer Friends

  1. From the Account & Settings section of your online Square Dashboard, click Get Free Processing.
  2. Share your unique free processing link through Twitter, or Facebook or simply copy and paste the link in any status or email you like.

New sellers must activate their Square account using your referral link in order for a referral reward to be issued.

Note: Currently referrals can only be made within the same country in which your business is located. Cross-border free processing is not available at this time.

  1. From the Account & Settings section of your online Square Dashboard, click Get Free Processing.
  2. Click Customize, located to the right of your referral code.
  3. Enter a custom 10-character code.
  4. Click Save.

Note: Creating a custom referral link will invalidate any previous links associated with your account. Make sure to update and share the new custom link going forward.

  1. From the Account & Settings section of your online Square Dashboard, click Receipt.
  2. Tick the box next to Show referral link.
  3. Click Save.

Note: Each person you refer must be new to Square and must activate through your unique link for you both to receive the free processing offer.

Track Your Free Processing

From the Free Processing section of your online Square Dashboard, you can view your current free processing balance. You will also receive an email each time a friend activates an account through your link.

Your transfer notification emails from Square include a running balance of your remaining free processing. You can also check your free processing balance anytime by logging in to the Pricing & Services in your online Square Dashboard.

View Reimbursed Processing Fees

To view your free processing reimbursements, visit Balance in your online Square Dashboard and use the date-selector tool to choose a date range of transfers. Select a transfer from the list to view your free processing credits included in that transfer.

You can also view your reimbursements by downloading the Deposits spreadsheet from the same Balance tab. Your free processing reimbursements will populate beneath the associated transactions.

Learn more about navigating your Balance page and exporting your transfer history.

If you process a refund, Square will first look to your Square balance to cover the refund, including any associated fee reimbursements. If there are insufficient funds in your Square balance, Square will debit your linked bank account. The full sale amount is always returned to your customer, and Square returns any associated reimbursement to your free processing balance.

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