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Send Square Invoices Online

Square Invoices

Get paid faster with online invoices.

With Square Invoices, you can request payments for goods or services by sending an unlimited number of invoices, estimates, or recurring invoices. Invoices can be sent anywhere, anytime using your online Square Dashboard, Square Invoices app, or Square Point of Sale app using a supported mobile device.

Afterpay and Square Invoices


With Square Invoices, you can send invoices and estimates to your customers to accept payments via Afterpay. Customers can spread payments of up to $2,000 over four interest-free installments. You can accept Afterpay online and in-person via your Square Point of Sale app, Square Invoices app, or online Square Dashboard.

Note: Afterpay does not support recurring invoices or partial payments at this time.

Learn more about Afterpay and Square.

Afterpay pricing

Enabling Afterpay with Square is free—there are no monthly fees or startup costs. The Afterpay processing fee is 6% + 30¢ per Afterpay sale.

  • Square sellers using Afterpay get paid the full amount at the time of purchase, minus a processing fee on the total sale.
  • You only pay when you make a sale—there are no processing fees charged on the remaining installments or if your customer makes a late payment.
  • Afterpay rates are fixed and do not vary by subscription type, hardware, or custom pricing.

Enable or disable Afterpay

Go to Payment Methods via your online Square Dashboard to enable or disable Afterpay at any time.

Note: The setting for In-person payments with Afterpay is global and applies across all Square products that can also take Afterpay payments in-person. This includes other platforms such as Square Point of Sale, Square Appointments, Square for Restaurants, Square Invoices, and Virtual Terminal. There isn’t a way to disable Afterpay only for Square Invoices at this time.

Afterpay eligibility

To see if you’re eligible for Afterpay, review details for In-Person eligibility.

Create Invoices Online

To create an invoice from your online Square Dashboard:

Step 1: Invoice Details

  1. Go to Payments > Invoices > click Send an invoice.
  2. Select a customer from your Customer Directory, or enter a new name and email address or phone number. You can enter up to nine recipients.
  3. Add an optional Invoice Title and edit the Invoice ID to match your records.
  4. Add an optional message. You can also include an optional Date of Service to your invoice.
  5. Select the Frequency for this invoice. It can be sent as a One-Time or Recurring invoice. If you’re creating a recurring invoice series, select start and end dates, along with frequency and due dates.
  6. Choose to Send immediately or at a later date and the Due date upon receipt or at a later date.

Step 2: Line Items

  1. Add a new line item or select an existing item from your Item Library.
  2. If applicable, click Add Discount to discount the total invoice by percentage or dollar amount. Click Add.
  3. If applicable, click Add service charge to apply a service charge for fees that will be added to the original invoice amount, such as shipping or handling expenses. You can create a new service charge while creating your invoice or select an existing service charge to apply. Default service charges can be created from the Account & Settings tab of your online Square Dashboard. Alternatively, you can set up a variable service charge, which enables you to specify the exact amount or percentage at the time of cart building.
  4. If applicable, click Add Payment Schedule if you would like to split the total balance into milestones. You can request a percentage or dollar amount deposit. Note: This is an Invoices Plus feature.

Payment Schedule Pro Tip: Request a portion of your invoice upfront, and set a separate due date for the remaining balance.

Step 3: Payment Options

  1. Select the Payment method:
    • Credit or debit card.
    • Gift Card: Only pay processing when a customer buys a gift card from you.
    • ACH bank transfer: 1% with a minimum of $1 per transaction.
    • Cash App.
  2. If applicable, under Tipping, tick Allow customer to add a tip to give your customer the option in their invoice.
  3. If applicable, under Store payment method, tick Allow your customer to save a card on file. If selected, customers will have the option to save their payment card when paying the invoice. If they do, you will have the option to charge future invoices to the saved card instead of sending the invoice for payment.

Step 4: Communication

  1. Choose to share the invoice via email, text message or manually. Note: If you select Manually, the invoice and any attached files will not be emailed to your customer, but can be shared via a link once it is created.
  2. If applicable, enter an email address to Add additional recipient(s).
  3. Choose the frequency of invoice payment reminders.

Step 5: More Options

  1. If applicable, tick Request delivery address to request a shipping address for the Invoice goods or services.
  2. Add an optional Square Contract to establish clear service agreements with your customers.
  3. If applicable, upload an attachment. Note: Attach up to 10 files totalling 25 MB. Supported file types: JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, and PDF. Do not attach sensitive personal information or illegal content. Square may use the content you upload to fight chargebacks on your behalf.
  4. If applicable, Add a custom field to enter data that will be displayed on the invoice presented to your customer. Note: This is an Invoices Plus feature.

Step 6: Preview and Send

Before sending your invoice, select Preview in the top right-hand corner to view your invoice as your customer will see it. You can also click Save as Draft to save the current version to work on later, or to keep it as a template to duplicate and send anytime. Click Send once you’ve completed the preview.

Send and Manage Invoices Online

Send Invoices via Text Message

Sending Invoices via SMS gives you added flexibility and visibility for both you and your customers. Before you get started, ensure there is a valid mobile phone number in the customer’s profile. Customers can opt-out of text message updates in case they no longer wish to receive text message updates about their invoice.

Learn how to send invoices via text message.

Schedule a Square Invoice Online

After creating a Square Invoice online, you can schedule a single invoice to be sent at a future date by following these steps:

  1. Choose to share it by Email, Text Message, or Manually via a link.
  2. In the Send field, choose a date the invoice will be sent and select a payment due date.
  3. Finish filling in the invoice and select Schedule or Save as Draft.

Note: If you select Save as Draft, your scheduled invoice will not be automatically sent. You’ll need to select Schedule to determine when it will be delivered.

Scheduled invoices will be automatically sent to your customer at 10 A.M. (in your time zone) on the date you’ve selected. Note: There isn’t a way to customize the time an invoice is sent. You’ll receive a notification email once the invoice is paid, and funds will be deposited into your linked bank account following your deposit schedule.

Push notifications for Invoices can only be enabled from the Square Invoices app at this time.

Print and Share Square Invoices Online

Share an invoice (either online or by printing it) in your online Square Dashboard by following the steps below:

  1. From the Square Invoices Overview Page, select Send an invoice.
  2. Choose your due date. Under Communication, select the option to send your invoice Manually.
  3. Finish filling out the invoice, and select Create.
  4. Select Share Link to manually share the invoice with your customer(s) via email, text message or any social media channel.
  5. Select More > Download PDF to save the invoice as a PDF or print it for your customer.

Note: Printing an invoice isn’t available on mobile browsers at this time.

Bulk Invoice Actions

From the Invoices tab, you can complete bulk actions to multi-select invoices and mark as paid, cancel, archive, or print. You can also delete invoices in Draft status. You cannot delete invoices that have been sent to the customer or paid. Once you bulk delete draft invoices, this action cannot be undone.

To complete bulk actions, you can manually tick the checkboxes next to the relevant invoices or tick the checkbox in the header to select all. You can complete one bulk action at a time.

Advanced Invoicing

Square Invoices Features

Invoice Templates

From your Invoice Settings tab, you can create templates automatically filled with your invoice information to help you save time. You can create up to 100 unique templates customised with specific invoice details, payment information, and more. Learn more about creating invoice templates and customising your receipts and invoices.

Request Shipping Address

When you send a Square Invoice, you can opt to collect your customer’s shipping address. To do so, select Request shipping address under More options when creating an invoice.

When your customer receives the invoice, they’ll see the option to enter their preferred shipping address below the payment fields. Once they submit payment, you can view their address along with the invoice payment information.

Add Custom Fields

You can add a customisable field to your invoice, such as your Terms and Conditions, or a return policy, and decide the placement of the custom field on your invoice.

When creating an invoice, select Add a custom field. Indicate your custom field title, text, and placement, and select Save. From here, proceed to review and send your invoice as normal. Note: This is an Invoices Plus feature.

Set Up a Payment Schedule

You can set up a payment schedule for an invoice with your customers. With progress invoices, you can allow your customer to make up to 12 milestone payments, not including the initial deposit payment (if one was requested).

Learn more about progress invoices.

Locate an Invoice, Estimate, or Recurring Series

Using the search bar found on the Invoices Overview page within your online Square Dashboard, you can search for a specific invoice, estimate, or recurring invoice series. Search by inserting the customer name, email address, company name, and more.

Learn more about searchable filters, and managing your Square Invoices.

Custom Quotes

If you already use Square Invoices and Square Online, you can use a contact form on a Square Online website to allow your buyers to contact you, and request custom quotes for the services they would pay for with your invoices.

Learn more about getting started with Square Online.

Be sure to also follow best practices for Square Invoices to make the most of this product.

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