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Locate Transfers

Payments accepted with Square can be transferred directly to your linked bank account based on your transfer schedule.

You have three options to send your transfers: next-business-day, same-day transfer or instant transfers. We do not have transfer limits on our next-business-day transfer option and we won’t hold funds based on transaction type, amount, or frequency. You should always see your transfers arrive based on your selected schedule.

Note: Additionally, if you have a Square Checking account, you can transfer funds from your bank account to add money to your Square balance. This action requires a linked debit card.

If you can’t find a transfer, review the information below to make sure you’ve ruled out common issues:

View Transfer Details

From the Online Square Dashboard

  1. Visit Banking > Balance in your online Square Dashboard.

  2. If you have more than one location, choose which location you would like to view.

  3. Click View All Transfers.

  4. Use the date-selector tool to refine the date range of your transfer search. You can also click the middle of the date-selector tool to see a full calendar view.

  5. Click any transfer in the list to view details, including the transfer mechanism, the last three digits of the bank account where the transfer was sent, the individual card payments included in the transfer, and related trace details.

If you have a Square Checking account follow these steps: 

  1. Navigate to Balance > Activity > Transfers in your online Square Dashboard

  2. Select any transfer from the list, and click View details to view further details.

From the Square app

  1. Tap More from the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen.

  2. Tap Balance.

  3. Tap View All Activity.

  4. Your transfer reports will be listed under History. Tap any transfer in the list to view details, including the transfer mechanism, the last three digits of the bank account where the transfer was sent, the individual card payments included in the transfer, and related trace details.

Note: If you are having difficulty locating a specific transfer on the Square app, you may be signed in to a different location. Sign out of the app by tapping More and then Sign Out. Sign back in to choose the correct location.

If you have a Square Checking account, follow these steps: 

  1. Tap More from the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen.

  2. Tap Balance > All Activity.

  3. Tap Transfers.

Note: Trace transfer details are currently only available via your online Square Dashboard.

Review Your Transfer Schedule

  • Depending on what day and time you took your payments, check your selected transfer schedule cutoff times. If payments were accepted after the day’s cutoff time, those payments will be sent in your next transfer.

  • You can choose between Automatic Transfer Schedule and Manual Transfer Schedule in your online Dashboard Balance settings if you want to store funds with Square or transfer out automatically.

  • Next-business-day transfers aren’t sent Fridays and Saturdays. You should receive payments accepted on Friday and Saturday on Monday morning.

  • Most banks are closed on the weekends and holidays, so transfers are usually delayed during these times.

Note: You can instantly send funds to your linked bank account if the account is supported for instant transfers.

Check Your Payments

  • Make sure the payments you’re expecting have completed.

  • Match transfers to sales.

  • Make sure all payments were processed as credit and not recorded as cash, check, or other tender. Money isn’t actually processed through Square with the cash, check, and other tender options.

  • Offline Mode payments will be sent per your transfer schedule once they’ve been uploaded.

  • Payments accepted with sign and tip on printed receipt will be transferred once they’ve been settled.

Check Your Bank Account

  • Check that your bank account is verified. If you take payments before linking your bank account, money will remain in your account balance until your bank is verified.

  • You can link multiple external bank accounts to your Square account from the Bank Accounts section of your online Square Dashboard. Ensure that you’re looking at the correct linked bank account for your business location if you have multiple locations with Square.

  • Check if a transfer is pending. Pending next day transfers will complete and should arrive in the next one to two business days.

  • Make sure your Square account isn’t linked to a closed bank account. Learn what to do if transfers were sent to a closed account.

  • It can take a few business days for next day transfers to show up based on your bank’s processing speeds. Contact your bank to get information on their processing times.

  • Transfers from Square sent to your linked bank account can be identified by searching Square Inc in your bank statement. You can also create transfer tags to identify next-business-day transfers from Square. Note: Transfer tags will not display when using instant transfers. Instant transfers sent to your bank account will include Square in the description. Some banks will display the transfer as Square Real Time Payment.

Contact Your Bank

 If you’re still having issues locating a transfer, you will need to speak with your branch’s manager or someone in your bank’s ACH department. In cases like this, we most frequently find the bank may have misrouted or diverted the funds upon receipt.

In order to determine conclusively where the funds were routed to, you will need to have them conduct a trace on the transfer. Just so you know, most bank personnel do not have this ability, so it’s really important you talk to the right person.

When you speak to a bank representative, you’ll need to provide them with the individual transfer details from your transfer report on your Dashboard. Read more about locating transfer details.

If you bank with JP Morgan Chase, you can connect directly with their Trace Department by dialing 1-800-677-7477, and then following the prompts to speak with a Support Representative.

Note: Transfer details will not be shown for transfers prior to 2021. For help locating trace information for these transfers, please contact Square Support directly.