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Verify a Square Online Site with Search Engines for SEO

Note: We don't provide SEO consultation in our Support Centre. For more information on SEO for your specific website's needs, we recommend consulting an SEO expert.

Verifying your website with search engines is a great way to get your site indexed into their search results. When your site is indexed, this means that your site has a chance to appear in search results when people search certain keywords. Learn more about how to optimise your website pages for search for more information on setting up your website's SEO.

Note: It can take a number of weeks for new Square Online sites to be indexed and unindexed in search engine listings, and even longer for a site to show up in the results for specific keywords. Check out our Ultimate SEO Guide, which walks you through the ins and outs of getting indexed in search engines and improving your search ranking.

Verify Your Site with Google


Verifying a site with Google Search Console gives you access to reports about that site’s visibility in search results, and ensures that your site is indexed by Google on a faster and more regular basis.

Setting up an account with Google Search Console isn’t a necessity, but it’s a smart way to monitor your search ranking. For more resources from Google about SEO and improving your ranking on Google search results, check out Google Search Central on their developer site.

To get started, log in at Google Search Console if you already have a Google account, or create a new Google account if you don’t already have one. Any Google account email address (e.g. Gmail or Google Workspace) will allow you to log in.

Choose a property type

The first step is to choose what’s known as a property type. There are two options:

  • Domain: Use this property type if you own your domain name. This will cover all variations of your domain, including any subdomains.

  • URL Prefix: Use this property type if your website is published to a free subdomain, like

Next, you’ll need to verify that you own the website or domain name in question. This process differs depending on which property type you selected.


To verify ownership of a domain property, you will need to create a TXT record for the domain using the value Google provides. Learn how to manage records for Square Online domains if Square hosts your domain and you’d like to add a TXT record. If your domain is hosted by a third party and you aren’t sure how to add a TXT record, contact your domain host for assistance.

URL Prefix

Google offers several methods for verifying ownership of a URL prefix property, but the HTML tag method is the simplest. Scroll down to the ‘Other verification methods’ section, and click HTML tag to expand the panel. Copy the code that Google provides, and paste it into the header section of your site in your Square Online Overview page in Settings > Tracking Tools. Save, then publish your website from your Square Online site editor.

Learn more about adding code to your website header in Square Online. You can also learn how to verify your domain using the HTML tag method in Google’s support centre.

Complete the site verification process

Once you’ve done the first part of the verification, return to Google and click the Verify button to complete the process. If you closed the window, go back to Google Search Central, and use the Finish verification link at the bottom of the page.

Note: If you used the domain property type, you may need to wait an hour or two for the DNS records to propagate before completing the verification process.

If everything is correct, you’ll see a message indicating site ownership is verified. If there’s an error, make sure that your site is published and that you’ve allowed enough time for the DNS records to propagate (TXT record method), then try clicking verify again. When you see the verification confirmation message, click Go To Property.

Add a site map

The next step is to add your sitemap. Open the menu, then click on Sitemaps. A sitemap is created automatically for every website hosted at Square. The filename for the sitemap is always sitemap.xml, so enter that into the "Add a new sitemap" field and click Submit.

After verification is complete

Google Search Central has various features to explore after you’re verified, which can help you see how well your site is ranked. Learn more with Google Search crawling and indexing FAQ on Google's support centre.\

Verify Your Site with Bing

Although Google is one of the most well-known search engines out there, there are several others to note such as Bing by Microsoft. Learn more about how to verify your site with Bing on the Bing website.

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