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Square Stand and Supported Hardware FAQs

Find answers to commonly asked questions about Square Stand and Supported Hardware.


Can I use an Android tablet with the new Square Stand with USB-C connector?

No. The Square Stand (2nd generation, v2) with USB-C connector is only compatible with select iPads at this time.

  • iPad (10th generation)
  • iPad Pro 11” (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th generation)
  • iPad Air (4th, 5th Generation)
  • iPad Air 11” (M2)

Is my iPad compatible with Square Stand?

For a full list of iPad compatibility for all Square Stand models, please reference the compatibility tables in our Identify Square Stand article.

If you don’t have a supported iPad model, you can purchase one with your Square Stand in the Square Shop.

How do I identify my iPad model?

You can identify your iPad model on Apple’s Support site.

Which receipt printer is right for my Square Point of Sale setup?

The receipt printer you use with Square Point of Sale depends on the type of mobile device you’re using.

Learn which printer is right for your device. Keep in mind, you can check the exact model of any printer right on the printer itself to make sure you have the right model.


Can I connect a Square Terminal to the Square Stand?

Yes! Square Terminal can connect to an iPad using Square Stand to make accepting payments even easier across the two devices. Learn how to connect Square Terminal with Square Point of Sale.

Can I accept card payments without connecting Square Stand to a power socket?

Square Stand (2nd generation, v2) and Square Stand (1st generation) can be powered by the iPad’s battery when not plugged into a socket. In this mode, you can continue to accept payments. USB accessories aren’t supported in iPad Powered Mode.

Note: if you use iPad Powered Mode, make sure you charge your iPad overnight. The Square Stand will continue to use the iPad’s battery, even when idle.

You can easily identify the version of the 2nd generation of Square Stand by removing the iPad and checking the serial number printed on the nest of the Stand. If there is a ‘v2’ printed above the serial number, it’s a version 2 (v2). If there’s no marking, it’s version 1 (v1). You can also identify the Stand by looking at the iPad connector. If your Stand has a lightning connector, it’s version 1 (v1) and can’t run off the iPad’s battery. If your Stand has a USB-C connector, it’s a version 2 (v2), and able to run off the iPad’s battery.

Learn more about how to identify your Square Stand.

Square Stand – 1st and 2nd Generation

First generation (left), second generation (right)


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