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Edit the Shipping Address of an Order with Square for Retail

After a customer places an order, there may be times when the customer requests changes to the shipping address before the order has shipped. You can update these order details without having to cancel the order and create a new one. Visit your Order Manager to update a delivery address after the order has been created. 

To get started:

  1. From your Order Manager, open the main menu and tap Orders > Active. For more specific results, sort by the order or fulfilment date.

  2. Tap the order with the shipping address you want to edit. 

  3. Select Edit Address > Verify

Square will run this address through our database, recommending changes where needed. If prompted with a shipping address confirmation screen, choose the address that best matches the customer’s provided information and tap Done. If you prefer to use the original address and not verify it, tap Skip.

Note: Editing the shipping address is available with both Square for Retail Free and Square for Retail Plus.


Why can’t I edit the address of an order?

If all items in an order have already been changed to shipped, the address cannot be changed. If all items in the order are already in shipped status, you can create a shipping label outside of Square with a different address for your customer. In this case, be sure to communicate the address change with your customer as they will not see the updated address in their shipping notification email.

Where can I edit the address?

You can edit the address on an order in the Retail app and from your Square Dashboard.

What if I’ve already created a shipping label?

You can void the shipping label and proceed with editing the shipping address on the order as long as all of the items have not been marked as shipped in the app.

What if my customer’s order has split fulfilment?

If you need to update the address on an order with multiple fulfilments, you can update the recipient address for the unshipped items. The new address will apply to all items that have not shipped. You cannot update the address for a single unshipped item.

If I update the address, will the taxes and shipping fees on the order automatically be adjusted?

No. Updating the address during order management flow does not cause any changes to the payment amount or fees the customer is charged for the order.

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