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Add a Long Description or Other Elements to the Product Page

Each item is displayed on a generated item page. You can add other elements onto this page to create a long description for your item. To do this, in the editor, click on the item as it appears on a category page, in an item element or from the Edit Item page. This brings up the item page in the editor and you can change it as needed.

Note: To see the Go to item page link on the Edit Item page, you first need to save an item, then go back and edit it.

product multimage

At the bottom of the item page you’ll see an area for the long description, which will be empty if you have yet to edit it. You can drag elements from the Build tab into this area just as you can on any page, and it’s a good way to include additional information on an item without cluttering up the short description area.


The long description can also be used creatively in many ways. For example, you can drag an items element to the long description and suggest an item that is similar to the one being viewed. Try it out in your store and see what you can come up with!

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