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Navigate the Square Invoices Overview Page in Dashboard

The Square Invoices provides you with notifications about your Square Invoices, all from a centralized location in your online Square Dashboard – just select Invoices in Dashboard to get started.

You can easily create and send estimates, invoices and recurring payments while monitoring organized invoice activity, helping you understand what business you need to take action on next. You can also manage and organise all of your files and attachments by creating project folders.

The Overview Page for Square Invoices

Square Invoices Overview

With the Square Invoices, you’ll be able to view a rundown of everything related to your invoice activity. From invoices paid to estimates pending approval, you can access the numbers you need to get an accurate look at how your payments are performing.

You can use the search bar at the top of the page to search and view invoices, estimates and any recurring invoices. You are able to search based on the following criteria:

  • ID

  • Title

  • Customer name

  • Customer email

  • Customer billing address

  • Customer phone number

  • Customer company name

  • Message

  • Line item names

Learn more about managing your Square Invoices.


Your feed will provide a well-ordered list of activity related to your estimates, invoices and recurring payments. If you’re starting to take payments for the first time, you’ll start seeing activity in your feed after sending a few invoices.


Select Send us your feedback to provide valuable information regarding your experience with Square Invoices.


From the Projects tab, you can create projects, add invoices, estimates, contracts or recurring invoices. Click Create project to get started.

Learn how to create and manage projects. Note: This is a Square Invoices Plus feature.


From the Invoices tab, you can view, search, filter and create invoices. To create an invoice, select Create invoice.

Learn about sending invoices online.


From the Recurring tab, you can view, search, filter and create recurring invoice series. To create a recurring invoice series, select Create recurring series.


From the Estimates tab, you can view, search, filter and create estimates. To create an estimate, select Create estimate.


You can view a list of customers who have outstanding invoices and the total amount you are owed across all customers. You will also be able to view how many days each invoice is overdue, send your customers a reminder to pay the outstanding balance, or view a filtered list of outstanding invoices for a particular customer. This will help you keep track of your cash flow and view who owes you money and how much, all in one place.

To view your customer’s outstanding invoices:

  1. Go to Reports to view all outstanding invoices.

  2. To view details for a specific customer, enter the customer name in the search bar.

You will also be able to download your reports as a CSV file. To do so, select Export and a file will download to your computer.



In your Square Invoices in Settings > Invoices, you can configure the default settings for new invoices. These settings can be overridden on individual invoices.

You can also create and customize invoice templates. These custom templates will automatically include default information (e.g. an invoice message, accepted payment methods, etc.) when you create a new invoice. You can create up to 100 templates and choose the template you want to use when creating a new invoice.

You’re also able to configure additional customizable options for your invoices, including adding custom fields and setting your default payment methods. Learn more about customizing your receipts and invoices.


In your Square Invoices in Settings > Estimates, you can configure the default settings for new estimates. These settings can be overridden on individual estimates.

Here you can set up your default title, message, delivery method, when the estimate is sent and when it expires.


Keeping your interactions with clients in order can be difficult to manage, but in your Square Invoices in Settings > Notifications, you’ll be able to take a glance at what’s going on with the status of all invoices. With notifications for reminders sent, invoices viewed and cancelled, estimates expiring and more, you’ll have full insight into the progress of your invoices.

Learn more about managing invoices with Square.

Learn more about: Dashboard

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