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Manage Payment Types with the Square App

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Customize your checkout screen by toggling and reordering what Payment Types are available at checkout. By default, each payment type will be enabled – including cash and cheque for recording purposes only.

Payment Types

Manual Credit Card Entry

Manually key-in card details to accept payments without a reader.

Card on File

Charge a customer’s card on file if your customer has provided written authorisation to store their payment card.

Gift Card

Enter an eGift Card or physical Gift Card number to accept Square Gift Cards.

Send Payment Link

Create a touch-free payment link for fixed rate items and share with your customer via SMS, email, or your preferred communication tool.

Other Payment Types

To keep your payment records in one place, you can use Square to record and track cash, cheques, gift cards from third-party services and other types of payments.

There is no fee to accept cash, cheque or other tender. When you accept other tender types, Square doesn’t process any funds and functions only as an organizational tool for recording purposes. Money for these transactions are exchanged directly between you and your customer and will not be transferred by Square.


Accept cash payments.

Other Gift Card or Certificate

Record a payment made using a third-party gift card or certificate.


Record a check payment.

Other Payment Types

Record a payment using another payment type.

Customize Payment Types

  1. From the navigation bar, tap ≡ More.

  2. Tap Settings > Checkout > Payment.

  3. To rearrange, drag and drop by tapping and holding the six dots next to the payment type name.

  4. Tap “X” to the right of the payment type to remove it from your checkout screen.

    • Note: You can re-add the payment type at any time by scrolling down to “Disabled payment types” and dragging it back up to “Main payment types”.

  5. Use the Preview button at the top of the screen to preview your new checkout screen.

Payment Type Preview in iOS

Note: Any edits made to one device will reflect on all other devices linked to that location, including devices using Restaurants or Retail.

To restrict staff access to edit Payment Types, disable Change Settings in your Team Member Permissions.

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