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Cash Management With Square for Retail

With Square for Retail Free and Square for Retail Plus, you can use Cash Management to help you keep track of cash sales and consolidate your reporting. Note: Cash Management is not available with Square for Retail on Mobile at this time.

Enable Cash Management for a New Device

When you create a device code, you’ll see the option to enable Cash Management.

  1. Log in to your online Square Dashboard > Settings > Devices > Points of Sale.

  2. Click Add a Device.

  3. Create your device – under Cash Management, enable Use Cash Drawer.

  4. Click Save.

Read more about creating a device code.

Physically Open Cash Drawer

To open your cash drawer outside of a sale, just tap Actions > Open Cash Drawer (No Sale) from the Checkout tab.

Enable or Disable Cash Management for an Existing Device

To enable Cash Management for an existing device:

  1. Log in to your online Square Dashboard > Settings >Devices > Points of Sale.

  2. Select the device you would like to update.

  3. Scroll down to the bottom section on the Edit Device screen, and enable/disable Use Cash Drawers.

  4. Enter your cash drawer settings > Save.

Operate Cash Drawer

Once you enable cash management for a device, you can begin and end your cash drawer session to start tracking your cash sales:

Open Cash Drawer Session

  1. Head to Reporting > Reports > Current Drawer.

  2. Enter a starting cash amount (you can also update the default starting cash amount from the Devices settings.

  3. Tap Start Drawer > Confirm Start Drawer.

Close Cash Drawer Session

  1. Head to Reporting > Reports > Current Drawer > End Drawer.

  2. Enter the closing cash amount in your cash drawer, enter a description > End Drawer > Confirm End Drawer.

  3. A cash drawer report will be displayed on the Square for Retail POS app. You can also review your report on your dashboard or have it sent via email to you or an employee.

Paid In/Out

Keep a record of cash amounts paid in/out, separate from transactions processed from the Retail POS app.

  1. Head to Reporting > Reports > Current Drawer.

  2. Tap Pay In/Out.

  3. Enter the amount, add a note (or leave blank), tap Pay In or Pay Out and confirm.

Note: When you add a note to a paid in/out, the note will be visible in your Cash Drawer Report.

Manage Cash Drawer from Your Online Square Dashboard

  1. Log in to Cash Drawers in your online Square Dashboard.

  2. You can review finalized drawer reports, as well as open drawer reports across all of your active locations.

  3. Select the report you want to review.

  4. Click Done to dismiss the report.

End Drawer Online

You’ll also have the option to end any open cash drawer online:

  1. Head to your online Square Dashboard > Reporting > Reports.

  2. Click the Cash Drawers tab > Drawer Report.

  3. On the drawer report details, you’ll see the option to End Drawer. Enter the actual amount and drawer description.

If you want to grant a manager or employee access to manage cash drawers online, just make sure to update their permissions from the Team in your online Square Dashboard. You’ll need to grant them permission to View Cash Drawer Reporting, under the Permissions section.

Read more about using Square for Retail.

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