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How to Accept Payments on your Square Dashboard

Without Square Reader

Log into your Square Dashboard

  1. Go to your online Square Dashboard and use your email and password to sign in.

  2. Click Sign in.

Go to Virtual Terminal

In the menu, click Virtual Terminal. Then, click “Take a Payment”.

Virtual Terminal

Learn more about Virtual Terminal.

Enter the payment details

Enter the amount to be charged and your customer’s card information. Next, enter your customer’s email or phone number if they would like a record of the transaction—a digital payment confirmation will be sent automatically.

Payment Details

When you’re ready, click Charge.

You can also Split Tender with Virtual Terminal to accept multiple tender types such as card, gift card, record cash or record other payment type.

Complete the sale

That’s it – your funds will be transferred into your bank account as fast as the next business day. Review Square’s transfer options.

Note: Pay 3.4% + 15¢ per transaction via Square Virtual Terminal.

Complete Sale

Learn more about Square Pricing.


Go to your Square Dashboard

On a computer, go to and click Dashboard in the upper-right corner. Sign in and go to the Invoices page. Click the Create Invoice button. To create a recurring invoice, select the Recurring option in the upper right-hand corner.

Square Dashboard

Create your invoice

Select Invoice from the list of payment options. Complete the requested information, including the email address of the invoice recipient, and add a custom message in the message field (optional).

Create invoice

Send your invoice

When the information is complete, click Send. Your customer receives an emailed invoice that looks like this, and you get a copy in your inbox.

Send Invoice

Track invoice payment

Once your invoice is sent, you can track whether it has been paid from your Dashboard.

Track Invoice