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Use Card on File with Square Invoices

With Card on File, save customer payment cards to your Customer Directory, immediately process invoice payments and get paid faster. Saving a card on file comes in handy when using recurring invoices or sending multiple invoices to the same customer.

Note: Physical or electronic gift cards will work with Card on File, but we recommend your client confirms the balance will cover the purchase prior to running the payment.

Save a Payment Card for Invoice Payments

There are two ways to save a customer’s payment card:

Charge a Card on File for an Invoice Payment

When you create a Square Invoice, you can select a card on file to charge.

Note: If the Card on File is changed and the customer has a recurring invoice, you’ll need to edit that invoice series to ensure the right card is being charged. The card on file will be charged on the due date of each recurring invoice. If the Card on File is past its expiration or fails for another reason, a new invoice will be sent allowing the customer to enter new card information, as well as save the new card information for future invoices.

Square stores data in the US and other countries. You may be required to notify your customers of this fact and obtain their consent before storing their information.

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