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Troubleshoot Your Cash Drawer

Whether you’re using a USB or Printer-Driven cash drawer, try the following troubleshooting tips below to get your cash drawer back up and running.

Before you get started, please note you can connect a cash drawer directly to your Square hardware or through your receipt printer. When you connect a cash drawer, it will automatically open when you accept a cash payment and you can take full advantage of Square’s cash drawer management features.

Learn more about our supported cash drawers and hardware compatibility.

Printer-Driven Cash Drawers

If you’re using a printer-driven cash drawer to connect to a supported receipt printer, try the following tips:

  • Make sure you have created and enabled a printer station for your receipt printer. You can enable a printer station by navigating to ≡ More > Settings > Hardware > Printers > Create Printer Station.

  • If you already have an active printer station, ensure that you have enabled Receipts under the ‘Use this Printer For’ setting – this will ensure your cash drawer will open automatically.

  • Ensure that your interface cable is properly connected to both your printer and cash drawer. If it looks properly connected, try unplugging and reconnecting both sides of the cable. If that doesn’t work, try switching which device each side of the interface cable is connected to.

  • Restart both the Square app and the device running the Square app.

USB Cash Drawers

If you’re using a USB cash drawer to connect to Square Stand, try the following tips:

  • Ensure that your USB cable is properly connected to both your printer and the Square Stand USB hub. If it looks properly connected, try unplugging and reconnecting both sides of the cable.

  • Check that your USB hub is properly connected to both Square Stand and a wall outlet using the power adapter and power cable.

  • Try updating and restarting the Square app.

  • If you are using a Square Stand, carefully remove your iPad from the Square Stand and fully power down and restart the device before reconnecting it to the Square Stand. For Square Register and Square Terminal, press and hold the power button and select Reboot.

If you’re still unable to automatically open your cash drawer from the Square app, you can use the cash drawer key to open it manually.

Note: When you received your cash drawer, the key should have been taped to a piece of cardboard on the front of it. If you need a replacement key, locate the key code on the lock of your cash drawer, then contact the manufacturer – APG or StarMicronics.

Cash Drawer Support

Depending on the assistance you need with your cash drawer, you may need to contact Square or APG. Review the situations below to determine if you should contact Square Support or APG Tech Support.

Situation Contact Square Contact APG
Damage during shipping (arrived damaged) Yes No
Missing parts upon delivery, such as keys No Yes
External damage not related to shipping (e.g., dropping it, water or fire damage, improper use, etc.) No, not covered by warranty No, not covered by warranty
Drawer doesn’t function correctly, and troubleshooting steps above were attempted. No Yes, if it is within the specific warranty period*
Stopped functioning properly after updating No Yes, only after attempting the update one more time.

*Note: Specific warranty periods vary based on the model of the cash drawer. Both the Vasario series and the SOMA (Arlo) series are compatible with Square. However, only the Vasario series is available in the Square Shop at this time. 

United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, France: Vasario includes a 3-year limited warranty. SOMA (Arlo) includes a 1-year limited warranty.

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