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To be sure we have your current shipping address and to order a new reader, follow these steps:

  1. From your online Square Dashboard, head to your Account & Settings tab.

  2. Scroll to Square Accessories and select Card Reader.

  3. Select the reader you need.

  4. You’ll be directed to the Square Shop, click Add to Cart > Proceed to Checkout.

  5. Click Checkout, confirm your shipping address and complete your order.

We’ll then send you an email confirmation that we’ve received your request. An additional update will be sent when you’re reader is shipped.

Currently, we can only ship one card reader to you at a time. If you’ve recently requested a card reader, you’ll have the option to update your shipping address, but you’ll need to wait to order an additional reader until the initial one has shipped. 

Note: We can only ship readers within the country where you activated your Square account. 

Visit a local retailer if you need a new Square Reader right away.

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