Manage seating status with third-party reservation apps

Who is this article for?
This article is for restaurant managers or owners using Square for Restaurants with a Square for Restaurants Plus or Premium subscription, and an active third-party reservation app from the Square App Marketplace.

Before you begin

With Square for Restaurants, you can integrate and use third-party reservation apps (such as OpenTable) to improve staff workflows and streamline the beginning of service. 

When you connect a third-party reservation app from Square App Marketplace, you can enable the “Seated Status” setting. With Seated Status enabled, Square for Restaurants automatically creates a new bill when you mark guests as seated in your booking platform, so your waiters can begin taking orders right away.

Make sure your Square for Restaurants account is connected to an existing third-party reservation app.

Enable seated status

  1. Log in to your Square Dashboard and select Settings > Device management > Service settings > Seated Status.

  2. Toggle on Seated Status to create bills from the third-party reservation app.

  3. Click Save.

Next Steps

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