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Add a Logo to Your Square Online Site


Every website needs a title, and you can display the title of your website as text (which is typically just your business name) or as a logo image. Whichever you choose, it can be visible on each page of your site.

Learn more about designing and customising your Square Online site for more information on all of your site design options.

Upload a Logo Image

To upload a logo to your website:

  1. From your Square Online site editor, select Site design.

  2. Under Logo, select Add image.

  3. Choose an existing image or upload a new one.

  4. Select Done when finished.

Display Your Logo on Your Site

From here, the logo can appear in both your site header and website footer. Individually select either the header or footer on your site, then change the logo option in the editing panel to either the site title or a different image. You can also turn the option off completely.

The header and footer sections have a limited amount of space, so some images won’t fit well or look good if you reduce the size too much. If that’s the case with your logo, you may want to use the text option instead and put your logo image on one of your sections.

Note: Your logo is also great to use as your site favicon.

If you decide to use your site title instead of your logo, you can always change your site title in your Dashboard. Just go to the Square Online Overview page to get started. Learn more about site preferences for Square Online.

Link Your Logo

By default, your logo or site title will link directly to your homepage, but you can always change your homepage directly in the editor. Learn more about changing your homepage.

You can also change this to link to an external website. Select the link button in the editing panel and enter the complete URL that you want the logo to link to. You can also optionally tick the box to have the link open in a new browser tab.

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