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Customise the Website Footer in Square Online

Note: Removing Square branding from the footer requires an upgrade on your Square Online site.


The footer section at the bottom of your Square Online site is displayed on every webpage, allowing you to call attention to important information on any page a visitor has open. Customise the footer from the Square Online site editor by selecting the footer section and adjusting your settings in the editing panel.

For details on designing a website with Square, learn more about designing and customising your Square Online site and how to Navigate the Square Online site editor.

Remove Square Branding from the Footer

By default, the footer includes a simple branded banner that shows visitors your website is built with Square. You can upgrade your site to remove this banner and keep branding exclusive to your own.

Change the Footer Layout and Background

In your editing panel, go to Customise > Layout and colour or Background to update what the footer looks like. Some layouts allow your to display more features than others.

Note: Different pages can’t have different footer layouts. The footer will be the same across the entire website.

Display a Logo

Toggle on Logo to view the options for displaying your site title or logo in the footer. Learn more about adding a logo to your Square Online site.

Display Your Navigation

Toggle on Navigation to display your navigation menu in the footer. You can also make the footer navigation different from the header’s by unticking the Same as header navigation option and selecting Customise Navigation.

The footer is a standard place to add links to pages (such as a ‘Privacy Policy’ or a ‘Terms of Service’) that you typically wouldn’t include in the header. Learn more about how to create pages and navigation in Square Online.

Display an Email Signup Form

Toggle on Subscription title and Subscription to edit the settings for the email signup contact form. Customers who submit their details through the form will get added to your Customer Directory, allowing you to quickly send them email campaigns with Square Marketing. Learn more about getting started with Square Marketing.

Display Social Media Icons

Toggle on Social icons to display icons that link to your social media profiles. Learn more about adding social icons to Square Online.

Display External Links

Toggle on External links to change this simple text field to anything you want. By default, this displays a copyright symbol and year.

Display Accepted Payment Methods

Toggle on Payment methods to highlight what customers can use to purchase from your online store. These details come from the payment processors you’ve enabled for your site in the Square Online Overview page. Learn more about accepting payments on Square Online.

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