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Set Up Team Members with Square for Restaurants

With Team Management, you can maintain staff shifts, control team permissions, and access advanced reporting tools. Team Management is available from Square Dashboard and Restaurants POS.

If you are new to Team Management, check out our getting started guide.

Note: Team Management is included in the Square for Restaurants Plus plan. Review the full comparison of features between Square POS, the Square for Restaurants Free Plan and Plus Plan.

Create a New Team Member Profile

  1. From Staff > Team > Team Members list in your online Square Dashboard, click Create Team Member. You can also create a team member in the POS by navigating to Team to add a new member.

  2. Enter the member’s name and personal information > Save.

  3. Under Compensation, select whether this team member is exempt from overtime. This is only necessary if you are tracking shifts with Square. Assign or create a job title and enter their wage.

  4. To allow your team member to log in to the Square app to accept payments, clock in/out using the Square app, and/or access the online Square Dashboard, click Enable Permissions and select or create a permission set from the dropdown menu.

    • To allow your team member to sign into the Square app and clock in/out using a passcode, enter a custom 4-digit passcode or click Generate to create one at random.

    • If your team member’s permission set allows them to access the Square Dashboard or the Square app on their own device, enter the email address they will use to log in. This will send the team member an email inviting them to create a password for their account.

    • If a team member has been given access to both the Square app and online Square Dashboard, they’ll need a Personal Passcode and an email address they’ll use to sign in.

  5. Once finished, click Save.

If applicable, this team member will be invited via email to create their own login for accessing online Square Dashboard and/or the Square Point of Sale app on their personal device. Team members will also have the option to download the Square Team app to clock in/out, view their hours worked via shifts, view their pay for the week, and view/edit their team profile — all from their own iPhones or Android devices, at no additional charge.

Multiple Job Titles

If a team member has multiple titles at your restaurant, you can track their time and hourly wage separately. For example, let’s say one of your team members works as a server Saturday and Sunday, but works as a bartender Tuesday, Thursday, Friday — multiple job titles allows your team members to select a specific role when they clock in at the beginning of their shift from the Restaurants POS app.

Multiple Job Titles

To set up multiple job titles for a team member:

  1. Head to Staff > Team >Team Members in your online Square Dashboard and select a team member.

  2. Under Compensation, enter a job title and wage.

  3. If they perform more than one job, click Add Job, then enter a job title and wage.

  4. Click Save.

Once you save your settings, the new job title(s) will reflect in the Restaurants app when your team member clocks in.

Note: A team member’s job title is not associated with any particular set of permissions and is only used to associate time worked with the correct job. To set permissions and limit account access, assign them a permission set from the Permissions section of your online Square Dashboard.

Read more about job titles and shifts with Square.

Team Permission Sets

Creating a permission group allows you to customise the level of access and limit actions your team members can take on both the Square for Restaurants app and online Square Dashboard.


  • Once you customise a permission set, each team member is assigned to the permission set will have the same level of access.

  • A passcode is required to sign into both Square for Restaurants Free and Restaurants Plus.

  • Team permission sets are included within Restaurants Plus only. Compare Square for Restaurants and Restaurants Plus features.

  • If using Restaurants Free, either create a general “Team” passcode, or apply the “Team Permission” set to individual staff profiles.

What’s the difference between job title and permission set?

A Job Title refers to the name of a position with a corresponding wage. Once you create a job title, team members can choose their job title at the beginning of their shift when they clock in from the Square for Restaurants POS app — allowing you to track multiple labour costs using Square Shifts.

Assigning a permission set will determine your team member’s permissions. Team members can have multiple wages (with job titles), but only one permission set.

Create Permissions

  1. Visit Staff > Team > Permissions in your Square Dashboard.

  2. Click Create Permission Set.

  3. Enter a name for the permission set, such as “Cashier”, "Manager", or “Host”.

  4. Select all of the appropriate permissions for each permission set you create.

  5. Click Save.

Keep in mind, not every permission displayed in the permissions list is applicable to Square for Restaurants, and some of the language may appear slightly different in the permissions list — for example, “open tickets” is referring to “bills”.

To help you navigate what your team permissions should be set to, check out this table with some of the most common team permissions we’ve seen restaurants use.

Permission Manager Bartender Server Runner/Barback Cashier
View All Completed Sales Transactions For All Team Members ON ON ON OFF OFF
Apply Restricted Discounts and Comps to a Transaction ON ON ON OFF ON
Cancel Transactions ON ON ON OFF ON
Configure Checkout Settings ON OFF OFF OFF OFF
Delete or Void Saved Items in Open Tickets ON ON ON OFF OFF
Items – For All Locations ON OFF OFF OFF OFF
Manually Adjust Taxes During a Transaction ON OFF OFF OFF OFF
View Cash Drawers ON OFF OFF OFF OFF
Configure Device Security Settings ON OFF OFF OFF OFF
Issue Refunds ON ON ON OFF ON
View All Open Tickets For All Team Members ON ON OFF OFF OFF
Reopen Closed Tickets* ON ON ON OFF ON
Full Invoices Access ON OFF OFF OFF OFF
View, Edit, Create and Delete Customer Directory Data ON OFF OFF OFF OFF
Settle All Transactions Awaiting Tip ON OFF OFF OFF OFF
Add and Remove Customer Cards on File ON ON ON OFF ON
Update Customer Loyalty Status ON OFF OFF OFF OFF
Transfer Funds Using Instant Transfer ON OFF OFF OFF OFF
View Expected Amount In Cash Drawer ON ON OFF OFF OFF
View All Sales Reporting and Transactions on Dashboard ON ON ON OFF ON

*When Reopen Closed Bills is enabled, team members can reopen tickets they own. To allow a team member to reopen tickets owned by other team members, enable View All Open Tickets For All Team Members.


Once you’ve set up your team members and permission sets, you can track their time worked using Square’s Shift Management. Learn more about getting started with Square Shifts.

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