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Add a Full Access Team Member or Authorised Representative

Sometimes you may want someone other than the account owner to manage specific tasks or reach out to Square Support. You can grant your team members account access by adding them as a full access team member or authorised representative.

If you need someone to be able to discuss account-specific details with Square Support and for them to have access to certain Dashboard functions, you can make them both an authorised representative and a full access team member. 

Full Access Team Member vs. Authorised Representative

Action Account Owner Full-Access Team Member Authorised Representative
Contact Square Support for general guidance (no account-specific details) ✔️ - ✔️
Receive updates about Square Shop orders ✔️ - -
Ask questions about Square Loans ✔️ - ✔️
Take action regarding a Square Loan or offer ✔️ - -
Discuss account-specific details with Support: transactions, transfers, fees, customers, subscriptions ✔️ - ✔️
Ask Square Support to update business information ✔️ - ✔️
Add, remove or edit bank account linked for transfers ✔️ - -
Request that Square remove an old bank account if a new account has been added ✔️ - -
Manage and access sales reports ✔️ ✔️ -
Receive emailed reports ✔️ ✔️ -
Manage team members and permission sets ✔️ ✔️ -
Update team member shift availability ✔️ ✔️ -
Enable a Team Passcode ✔️ ✔️ -
Make appointments for other staff members ✔️ ✔️ -
Add authorised representatives ✔️ - -
Perform OAuth for Square APIs ✔️ - -

Note: Team members who are not authorised representatives will not have access to account-specific details when contacting Square Support. Granting someone Full Access does not automatically make them an authorised representative

Full Access Team Member

A full access team member is any team member you grant fullteam permissions for your online Square Dashboard and Square Point of Sale app.

These team members will be granted all permissions except adding or editing bank accounts for transfers, adding authorised representatives and performing OAuth for Square APIs – only the account owner can perform these tasks.

Authorised Representative

An Authorised Representative is a team member or associate who has access to some of your account information. Once you add someone as an authorised representative, they can call Square Support on your behalf and:

  • Discuss transactions, transfers and other account-specific details.

  • Ask Square to update your business’s Merchant Category Code (MCC), shipping address and public profile.

  • Request that Square remove an old bank account if a new account has been added.

As a reminder, per Square’s Terms and Conditions that you agreed to, you are fully responsible for all activity that occurs under your Square Account, including any actions taken by persons to whom you have granted access to your Square Account.

Note: In order to sign in to your Dashboard, authorised representatives must also be assigned a team member permission set with online Square Dashboard Access. There is no cost to adding authorised representatives or team members to your account unless they are assigned a custom Team Management permissions set available to Team Plus subscribers.

Add a Full Access Team Member

  1. Go to Staff > Team from your online Square Dashboard.

  2. Select a current Team Member profile or create a team member.

  3. Under Permissions, click Edit. If you’re adding permissions for a new team member, select or Enable Permissions.

  4. Select Team Permissions or create a new permission set. Note: If you’re creating a new permission set, you’ll need to add a name for the permission set.

  5. Enable Full Access.

  6. Create or generate a passcode and enter the email address for the team member, then select Save.

Add an Authorised Representative

To add an Authorised Representative:

  1. Go to Settings > Account & Settings from your online Square Dashboard.

  2. Click Business information > Business security.

  3. Click Add Authorised Representative. If you a creating an authorised representative for the first time, click Create Authorised Representative.

  4. Select an existing team member or add a new team member by filling out the form with their name, email address and mobile phone number^.

  5. From here, choose the location(s) the authorised representative can discuss.

  6. Click Save.

Important to note

  • The person you add as an authorised representative will receive a notification via email or text message to their mobile phone, depending on the information entered. Only one piece of contact information is required.

  • ^You must include a mobile phone number if you want authorised representatives to receive their verification code via text message instead of email. Verification codes cannot be sent to landlines.

  • You’ll receive an email notification confirming you added an authorised representative to your account.

Remove Authorised Representative

  1. Go to Settings > Account & Settings from your online Square Dashboard.

  2. Click Business information > Business security.

  3. Select the Authorised Representative you want to de-authorise.

  4. Click Remove.

Deactivating an authorised representative’s profile from the Team tab of your online Square Dashboard will also remove them from your authorised representative list.

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