Square Feedback enables your customers to leave feedback about their experience at your business directly from their receipts. 

Manage Feedback Settings Online

In your Feedback settings, you can turn off Feedback anytime and manage your Feedback notifications.

To manage your Feedback settings:

  1. Visit Feedback in your online Square Dashboard and click Settings.
  2. To disable Feedback, toggle ‘Collect feedback from your digital receipts’ off. 
  3. Click ‘Email Notification settings’ to edit your feedback notifications.

You can re-enable Feedback for your digital receipts at anytime. 

View Feedback

You can view and reply to customer feedback directly from your online Square Dashboard. When a customer provides feedback from a receipt, the feedback is associated with the payment in your sales history.

To view feedback:

  1. Visit Customers in your Square Dashboard and click Feedback
  2. Use the filters to narrow your feedback search or select All Feedback.
  3. Click a feedback thread to view your customer’s comments.

Reply to Feedback

If customers agree to feedback replies, you’ll be able to follow up with them directly. 

To do so:

  1. From Feedback in your online Dashboard, click a feedback thread to see transaction details and your customer’s comment. 
  2. Enter a message or refund your customer if appropriate. If your customer responds, you’ll receive an update.

Note: If the customer has not enabled replies to their feedback, you won’t be able to send them a reply.

Tips for Replying to Feedback

We recommend that you respond to both positive and negative feedback from your customers.  Both help you better understand how to improve your customer experience.

  • Let customers know you value their business and that you appreciate their feedback. 
  • If a customer isn’t satisfied, you can refund their payment by typing a reply and clicking ‘Issue a refund with your reply’ > Enter an amount and reason > Click Issue Refund.

Grow Feedback Engagement

Encourage Email Receipts
To maximise the feedback your business receives, ask your customers to enter their email address to receive digital receipts.

Enable Email Notifications
Ensure that Customer Feedback is enabled in Email Notifications on your Square Dashboard. Select ‘Receive an email for any feedback’ or ‘Receive an email for negative feedback only’.

Check Regularly
If you choose not to enable email notifications, be sure to check your Feedback regularly and respond to your customers.

Your Security and Privacy

You’ll receive an email notification when you have new, unread feedback. If you’d like to receive these notifications at another email address, visit your Email Notifications settings on your online Square Dashboard and click Manage Recipients.

Square does not share your email address with your customers. When you respond to feedback, customers can reply directly through emails sent from Square. Learn more about our Privacy and Security Policy.

Report a Problem with a Buyer

The purpose of Square Feedback is to give merchants and customers the opportunity to have private conversations about in-store experiences. If you receive abusive, harassing, excessive or objectionable messages, please contact us for assistance. 

Note: You may not use Square Feedback to send your customers marketing or other messages unrelated to their feedback.