Introducing New Employee Management Tools

As your business grows, so do your needs. Our mission at Square is to support you every step of the way, whether you’re holding a pop-up or building an entrepreneurial empire. Today we’re proud to announce the launch of Employee Management, a new set of tools designed for expanding businesses.

Employee Management gives you the tools that a larger business needs to survive and thrive at a fraction of the cost of a traditional set-up. The new features allow you to easily look after multiple locations with a single account, manage your employees, and get detailed information about all parts of your business — all in the same place.

Here are some of our favourite new features:

Open new locations with a click.

Now you can manage all your locations from a single account. Opening a new location takes a matter of minutes — just import your item library from your existing locations and you’re ready to roll. Your Dashboard allows you to set price variations for each outlet, so you can adjust your prices based on inventory and customize your item libraries by location.

Set customized permission levels.

You know who you want looking at your business information (and who you don’t). Make sure the right eyes are on the right info by customizing permission levels for all members of staff. You can do it all from your Dashboard. There are different levels of access, from Cashier (restricted access at the register) to Accountant (allowing them to view sales reports, transactions and timecards), or even Administrator (letting them manage all aspects of your business). Which at least gives you the option of considering taking a day off.

Get peace of mind with employee passcodes.

Employee passcodes enable you to track every interaction between your employees and the register for heightened security and peace of mind. You can monitor this remotely from your Dashboard and keep an eye on which employee is making transactions in each location.

Keep tabs with timecards.

Another handy feature is the timecards function. Employees can clock in and out at the register, and you can monitor (and adjust if needed) remotely. Timecards also make tip allocations a breeze, as you can see who has logged in and out and when, making it easy to automatically reconcile tips and commissions.

Supercharge your sales reports.

Passcodes give you the ability to track sales by employee and create revenue-per-labour-hour reports, so you can identify and reward your most efficient employees, regardless of where they’re located. As well as filtering sales by employee, you can also customize your data by device or location, so you can see which outlet is ringing in the highest sales. Simply download CSV files or get an end-of-day report from your Square app. To monitor your sales on the go, download Square’s Dashboard app, which allows you to remotely monitor your business from your iOS device.

Employment Management is just USD$5 per month per employee. Learn more and sign up for a 30-day trial.