How to Get a Kelowna Business Licence

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Kelowna enjoys one of Canada’s most beautiful landscapes. Located in the heart of the Okanagan Valley in the wine region of British Columbia, Kelowna meets the shores of Okanagan Lake with the beautiful McKinley, Knox, and Okanagan mountains in the distance. With a population of almost 195,000, Kelowna is one of the largest cities in British Columbia and a great place to start a business — but first you need a Kelowna business licence.

Applying for a Kelowna Business Licence

Licences are required for anyone who wants to own and operate an establishment in Kelowna. Licences must be renewed every year and displayed prominently for customers to see. You can be subject to fines and compliance actions if you operate a business without the appropriate licence.

For a Kelowna business licence, you can apply online or in person, and you’ll need your ID and some information about your business. After you apply, it takes about two weeks before you’ll receive your new business licence, depending on your business type and whether your business requires inspections.

You’ll also need to register for a property account, unless you have other business licences. In that case, just log in to your account and complete registration. You’ll receive an email confirmation link. When you receive your business license, simply add it to your property account.

For general questions about Kelowna business licenses or to request changes to a current Kelowna business licence, call (250) 469-8617 or send an email to Business Licensing. You can pay for business licence renewals online if your licence requires no updates or other changes.

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Types of Businesses Allowed in Kelowna

Businesses in the following categories are among those eligible to apply for business licences in Kelowna:

This is not an exhaustive list.

Special Permits for Special Types of Businesses in Kelowna

Businesses listed below have additional requirements:

Business Licence Fees in Kelowna

When applying for a Kelowna business licence, you must include the $25 application fee, as well as any inspections or confirmation forms required. Please note: business licence fees are not refundable.

Business licence renewals and accompanying fees are due before the date of renewal. Licence renewal applications presented on or after the date of renewal are subject to a $25 late payment fee. If you don’t renew your business licence on or before its expiration date, your current licence will be cancelled, and you’ll have to start the application process from scratch.

Also note: this fee is for a general business licence. Some business categories have additional fees, as outlined on page 11 of Kelowna’s Business Licencing Bylaws: Schedule A, Bylaw No. 7878.Send an email to inquire about businesses prohibited in Kelowna.