How to Get a Hamilton Business Licence

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Located in Ontario, Hamilton is a beautiful port city with a population just over 785,000 and home to the Canada’s 4th-ranked college, McMaster University. But Hamilton isn’t your typical college town. At just 40 minutes outside Toronto, Hamilton is part of the Greater Toronto area and a perfect place to start a new business.

Applying for a Business Licence in Hamilton, Ontario

Before you apply for your Hamilton, Ontario business licence, it’s important that your business is registered in the province. Visit Services Ontario to register your business.

Nearly all businesses must have a licence to operate within Hamilton. This is to ensure the public health and safety of the community, while also helping deter nuisances.

To apply for your Hamilton business licence:

Complete the application for a business licence. Next, bring the application along with your ID and any required proofs to the offices of the City of Hamilton. They’re open any Monday or Wednesday between 8:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. if your application must be delivered in person.

For applications that do not require in-person delivery, you can email the application. Pay the business licence application fee when you apply.

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Types of Businesses in Hamilton

These business bylaws outline the types of business establishments allowed in Hamilton, what requirements must be met, and how to obtain licensing. Certain industries have other special requirements, such as permits, inspections, or health regulations.

Fees for Hamilton Business Licences

The costs of a business licence in Hamilton vary depending on the type of business you operate. Find your business type in the Licensing Business Reference Guide, and you’ll also see the requisite fees for your specific business licence.

Prohibited Businesses in Hamilton, Ontario

It’s unclear what business types are prohibited in Hamilton, but each business category has its own rules, and certain actions by these businesses are prohibited. You can find each prohibition in these business licence bylaws.