How Does Your Cup of Coffee Stack Up? Find Out with the Square Canada Coffee Report

Canada runs on coffee but what’s in the average cup of joe? More importantly, what are customers willing to pay? We took a look at 12 months of sales data from coffee shops using Square around the country to create the first Square Canada Coffee Report.

coffee photo

Calgary’s big spenders are shelling out an average of $4.22 for their cup of caffeine, whereas Montrealers are spending a mere $2.67. How does your city stack up?

When it comes to accounting for taste, americanos and lattes topped the charts as Canada’s favourite hot beverages while tea and espresso came in at the bottom.

With Square Dashboard, you can access data about which beans are selling best, when your shop is the busiest, and where the opportunities to increase sales might be. This is the kind of essential information many large businesses have at their fingertips. Now you can also log in and see your sales in real time — which should help you decide whether those espressos need a jolt of publicity or your latte special needs a shot of promotion.

Square Analytics gives me the data I need to make smart business decisions. I’m able to see how my business is doing and this helps me save on costs and optimize for inventory and staffing needs,” says Guillaume Kittel of Kittel Coffee, a Montreal-based coffee roaster.

Do you have a favourite coffee shop for getting work done or hosting a business meeting? Let us know on Twitter @SquareCanada.