Developer Spotlight: Copper CRM

In our chat with our newest collaborator, Copper CRM, we talk about how the partnership with Square Invoices will help relationship-focused businesses.

Developer Spotlight: Copper CRM

Copper’s Director of Product Management Luke Lihou talks with us about their recent integration with Square Invoices

In our chat with our newest collaborator, Copper CRM, we talk about how the partnership with Square Invoices will help relationship-focused businesses.

Square has partnered with Copper in the first-ever integration of its kind — this partnership allows our customers to manage their customer and client relationships and payments without the need to switch back and forth between applications.

Let’s learn more about what this integration means for small businesses like yours.

Welcome to the Square family. Who is Copper?

Copper CRM is a customer relationship management tool that we built from ground level. Our number one priority is to help businesses succeed, and businesses succeed when they cultivate real, personal relationships with their customers.

What does this partnership mean for small business owners?

Well, a lot of owners were hit hard in 2020. Many were blindsided. This led to a total reexamination of their finances and how they approach business in general. They’re prioritizing their cash flow, but also their relationships with customers. After all, customers are the backbone of any business, now more than ever. This partnership allows us to support those customers who are critically focused on financial health and the overall customer relationship.

How does the integration work?

Businesses that use both Square Invoices and the Copper CRM can view payments and invoices from customer records in Copper’s platform. This is the first solution that offers omnichannel invoicing and payment management and that’s automatically updated in a customer relationship management solution. And it doesn’t matter if the business sees customers in-store or online. Plus, customers of Square and Copper can request a 60-minute training session with our partner,, to help with setup and use totally free of charge. For customers who need more features, such as recurring payments or workflow automation, can accommodate that for a fee.

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What industries does Copper currently serve?

We serve all industries with a specific emphasis on businesses that drive growth through relationship-building. We offer tailored programs for businesses in agencies, technology, consulting, and more. And we’re proud to be able to do so for Square’s customers now.

What can Square’s customers expect from the integration with Copper?

An easier way to do business. They’ll experience simplified invoicing, improved cash flow, greater flexibility of payment options for their customers, and increased transparency. And all without having to leave the Copper system.

Tell us more about this functionality.

Well, the simplified invoicing is maybe the best part. Instead of looking into customer accounts and then opening up their Square dashboard, Copper customers can invoice directly from Copper. Whether the company is a startup with a handful of clients or an established business that wants to transfer every financial process into the Copper platform, this integration supports it all. Copper’s fully managed service takes the headaches out of connecting Square with Copper’s CRM.

You mentioned greater flexibility of payments. How does that work?

Today’s business owners have so much on their plate. Our aim is to ease the financial side of things while opening the door to more transparent customer relationships. To help businesses of all sizes cultivate deeper relationships with their customers.

For instance, these businesses are already short on time. This partnership is a win-win — owners no longer have to switch to their invoicing software to view statuses of current invoices, send out a new invoice, ask for payment, or get paid. It all happens right in Copper with this integration. It also helps businesses offer more payment options than what they may already — mainly because of Square’s super payment flexibility. Having all this information within one application gives the business greater insight into their customers, cash flow bottlenecks, and their business overall.

With the Payment Status Snapshot feature, companies can see exactly where accounts stand in real-time. Plus, for those times when the sales department needs to place an order and send an invoice after or add items to an already existing order, they can now do that right in Copper.

What about sales discounts or tax amounts?

It’s all in Copper.

This is fantastic. So, what are the tech requirements?

Businesses will need to choose a plan that works for their company. For the Copper/Square integration to work, businesses will need either Copper Professional or Copper Business.

What made you decide to partner with Square?

Square offers incredible sales functionality for the businesses it serves. The hardware is simple for businesses to use, and many businesses already know and love Square. We saw a need and decided we wanted to make the lives of Canadian business owners easier. Square’s reputation for helping small business owners inspired us.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

For businesses that may not have heard of Copper, start a free trial or request a demonstration at