Boost Your Customer Service: Square Card on File and Directory

Two tools to help you get to know and serve your customers better: Card on File and Directory give you the ability to provide an even higher level of personalized service through the creation of Customer Profiles and the option to save credit card and Visa debit card information to use with recurring payments, Square Invoices and Virtual Terminal.

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Here’s how they work:

Perhaps you run a non-profit with donors who make regular contributions to your cause, have a subscription service for members of your gym, or run a contracting business with ongoing projects that require recurring invoices.

With Card on File, business owners can securely store payment information for future billing, making it easier to charge repeat customers through Square Invoices, Virtual Terminal or our E-commerce API.

Receipts are automatically sent to the email address associated with the card, and customers have the option to unlink their cards through receipts.

Square Customer Directory allows you to add, edit and delete information from your customers right at your point of sale and Dashboard — all you need to do is search by name, and the tool pulls up the profile.

You can manually link customers to their transactions by using a drop-down menu and picking their name to make recurring payments easier. And use the notes box to add extra details that might be helpful, such as product or service preferences for future reference.

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Square Customer Directory syncs up with your point of sale data too, so you can get an idea of the kinds of things they like and make informed recommendations the next time they come in.

Having ready access to these details goes a long way toward great, personalized customer service. It also helps you know, understand and engage with your customers — which in turn translates into more regulars.

This feature is available on the latest version of the Square Point of Sale app.