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Bill Pay FAQ

What payment methods can I use to pay my vendors?

You can pay your vendors using Square Checking or any credit or debit card.

How do I add a vendor?

  1. Go to Payments > Bill Pay > Vendors on your online Square Dashboard.
  2. Click Create vendor.
  3. Fill out the vendor’s information and account details.
  4. Click Save.

Note: New vendor bank accounts are verified in two to three business days. Bank transfers can only take place after verification.

How quickly will my vendors get paid?

Once we have your vendor’s bank account information, most payment methods take one to two business days to get from your account to your vendor’s bank account. Mailed paper checks are delivered in four to six business days. For more information on payment method timing and fees, go to your Bill Pay Settings page.

What information do I need from my vendor in order to pay them?

Your vendor will need to provide their bank account information in order to be paid by direct transfer (ACH). You can enter those details manually if you already have them. If not, we can send a request to your vendor to securely provide them. If neither option is suitable, we can email a digital check to your vendor that they can download, print, and deposit. To have Square mail a paper check on your behalf, you need to provide the physical address of your vendor or a P.O. Box.

Can I cancel a payment?

You can cancel pending payments if your vendor has not provided their bank account information or downloaded a digital/printable check. To cancel, open the bill, click the three dots next to Edit, and select Cancel payment.

To cancel a pending check, you should contact Square Support.

I use Square for Retail and have existing vendors. Will they appear in Bill Pay?

Vendors are completely synced between Square for Retail or Inventory Management and Bill Pay.

Can I delete or deactivate Bill Pay vendors?

Not at this time. However, if you’re subscribed to Square for Retail Plus and have existing vendors for inventory management, you can deactivate them from the Vendors tab in your online Square Dashboard.

What actions can I take with an existing bill?

You can mark a bill as paid, duplicate an existing bill, or delete a bill. To do so:

  1. From your Bill Pay dashboard, click on an existing bill.
  2. Click ••• then select one of the options. For paid bills, click the bill directly, then select Duplicate or Edit.

Note: Once you delete a bill, you will lose access to this bill and will no longer be able to pay it.

Can I export bills?

Yes. From the Bill Pay section on your online Square Dashboard, select the filters (by status, date range, spend category, or location), then click Export.

This will automatically download a CSV file of your bills which you can open using spreadsheet tools like Numbers, Google Sheets, and Microsoft Excel.

My bill could not be imported. How do I resolve this?

If you are uploading a bill or forwarding it from email, confirm the attached file type is JPEG, PNG, or PDF up to 10MB. If we were unable to import your bill, you will need to enter the details manually from the email notification sent by Square.

I am a vendor. What is Square Bill Pay?

As a vendor or supplier, you can choose to receive payment from a Square merchant in one of three ways: by ACH bank transfer, by a mailed paper check, or by a digital check. A digital check is a check in PDF format that Square emails to you on behalf of the merchant. You can then download, print, and make a mobile check deposit.

Learn how to receive Square Bill Pay payments as a vendor.