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Seating Status with Square for Restaurants and OpenTable

Improve your server workflows, create automated checks, and keep track of table progress with OpenTable with Square for Restaurants. Help your staff stay informed of:

  • which tables are empty,

  • when a table is seated, 

  • how long a table has been seated, and

  • whether a table has been seated but not waited on.

Seated Status with OpenTable

Before getting started, confirm your Square for Restaurants Plus account is connected with your existing OpenTable account. Review syncing requirements and learn more about OpenTable and Square for Restaurants.

When you enable this setting, reservations from OpenTable will automatically create a new ticket for each table when a diner is seated. The timestamp for the tickets starts at 0:00 to indicate when the table is seated, and the timer will continue to increment as orders are placed.

To view or edit the automated check setting:

  1. Log in to your Square Dashboard and select Devices > Points of sale > Service Settings.

  2. The setting “Seated Status” is on by default. Toggle off to prevent check creation from the reservation platform.

When automated checks are enabled, your “time since check opened” reporting will include the time from when a guest is seated to when the check is paid.

Color-Coded Tables

When you view your floor plan on Square for Restaurants POS, tables are color-coded for quick reference.

  • Purple tables indicate diners who have booked a reservation through OpenTable and have been seated.

Seated status on OpenTable

Void Checks

If a guest needs to leave, you can void the check on the POS. From the Checks screen, tap the table requiring a voided check or swipe left to void the whole table.