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App Site Icons for Square Online

Note: Using a custom site icon requires an upgrade on your Square Online site.

In order to facilitate access to your Square Online site, you can allow your customers to add a branded site icon directly to their phones that looks like an app icon. A site icon encourages quick access to your site without your customer needing to input a URL into their web browser each time.

Note:  This feature is currently only supported on Safari for iPhones, and Chrome, Firefox, and Edge for Android mobile devices.

Choose and Enable Your Icon


To set up an app site icon for your Square Online site:

  1. In your Square Online Overview page, go to Website > Site Preferences.

  2. Under Site Icon, select Set up to upload a custom icon image of your own. A default icon will already be selected for you using your site title and brand color.

  3. Select Save when finished.

With this feature, customers who complete an order on your live mobile website will see a small popup banner on the order confirmation page encouraging them to add the app site icon to their phone.

Note: Be sure to also choose your site title on the Site Preferences page, as it’ll be the name of your app site icon.

Edit Your Icon

To edit your icon, go to your Site Preferences page and select Edit under Site Icon. If you update the icon design, icons that were previously downloaded by customers will be automatically updated to the new icon.

Disable Your Icon

To disable your icon, go to your Site Preferences page and select Disable under Site Icon. This will remove the small popup banner on the order confirmation page that encourages customers to add an icon to their phone. It won’t, however, remove existing icons from phones where the icon was already added.

Free vs Custom Icons


The free icon allows you to take advantage of this feature quickly right from your dashboard without needing to hire a designer or take time to design an icon yourself. The free icon includes Square branding.


The custom icon allows you to bring your branding full circle, giving your customers an app-like experience that's straightforward and simple to understand. The custom icon removes Square branding from the experience.