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Square Invoices and Square Messages

Easily communicate with your customers about online invoices, estimates, and recurring payments using Square Invoices. Send invoices or estimates instantly via email or text message with Square Messages to appear more professional to your customers, save valuable time by avoiding mishaps with email delivery, and get paid quickly.

Send an Invoice with Messages

To send new or existing invoices and estimates from the Invoices page:

  1. Go to Payments > the Invoices tab in your Square Dashboard or the Invoices app on your mobile device.

  2. Edit your invoice or estimate.

  3. Under Communication, select Text message or Email as the “Share via” option.

  4. Click or tap Send.

Your invoice or estimate will automatically show within a message to your customer in Square Messages. Your customers’ replies to their invoices will also automatically save in Square Messages.

To create and send an invoice or estimate to a customer within Messages:

  1. Log in to your and click the Messages icon from the top navigation bar. From your Square Point of Sale app, tap  ≡ More > Messages.

  2. Select an existing conversation from your inbox or select the pencil icon to create a new message.

  3. Select + and choose Invoice or Estimate.

  4. Follow the on-screen prompts to create an invoice or estimate.

  5. Review and choose the communication method.

  6. Select Send.

Note: Reply to your customers via email or text after they send you an initial message with Square Messages or initiate new conversations with your customer via email or text with Square Messages Plus.


If you have an issue with your mobile device or iPad:

If you encounter trouble with your online Square Dashboard, check out our video on browser troubleshooting steps.

You may see an error message giving a reason why you can’t text a certain customer. If your customer has unsubscribed from Square Messages, they will not receive the message. You may need to text or email them directly. If your customer’s contact information is not on file with Square, learn how to add it with customer information collection tools.