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Account and Routing Numbers

Your Square Checking account includes account and routing numbers for making inbound and outbound transfers. Use your account and routing numbers to allow third parties to debit your Square Balance via ACH at no additional cost to complete payments for bills or expenses. You also can use your account and routing numbers to deposit funds into your Square Balance via ACH.

View your account and routing numbers

You can view your account number and routing number from your Square app or online Dashboard:

Within your Point of Sale app:

  1. Go to Square Checking balance > Account Details.

  2. Scroll down to see your account and routing numbers.

From your Square online Dashboard:

  1. Go to Balance, and select a location under Locations.

  2. Click the gear icon, then select Transfer settings.

  3. Click View account & routing number. You’ll be prompted to provide a verification code that was sent to the email address associated with your Square account.

  4. Once you provide the code, select Next. Your account and routing numbers will be visible, and you can copy your account details onto your device.

Fund availability

Inbound funds credited to your Square Checking account using your account and routing numbers may take 2-3 business days before they are available. 


The maximum amount you can transfer via ACH with your account and routing numbers is $50,000 per day, calculated by a rolling 24-hour period. New Square account holders may start with a lower limit at first. As you continue processing payments with Square, your daily limit will increase.

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