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Manage Stock in Square Online

You can keep track of your items in Square Online. If you have multiple locations, you can enter the number of items in stock for each location. Inventory automatically decreases when customers purchase items from your website, and stock updates sync with your Square Item Library.

Update Stock


To update stock for an item, go to your Square Online Overview page > Items > Site Items and select an item in your list to edit.

Note: If you’re adding a brand new item, you’ll need to set up some details (title, description, price, etc.) and save before entering stock quantities. This allows the item to sync to your Square Item Library. Once you’ve saved the new item, you can edit it at any time to adjust the stock. Learn more about adding items and categories in Square Online.

Scroll down to the item options table and select a stock button to open the options for that particular variation. You can enable or disable stock history tracking for each location using the toggle.

Track Stock History


When making changes to your stock quantities, you’ll need to select one of the following stock tracking reasons:

  • Stock received: Adds the number you enter to the current stock total for existing items, and sets the stock number for new items.

  • Inventory recount: Replaces the current stock total with the number you enter, or sets the stock number for new items.

  • Restock return: Adds the number you enter to the existing stock total.

  • Damage: Decreases the stock number by the amount you enter.

  • Theft: Decreases the stock number by the amount you enter.

  • Loss: Decreases the stock number by the amount you enter.

This information displays in the stock history for each item in your Square Item Library, which provides an overview of stock adjustments and reasons that you can filter by type and location.

Select Update stock when finished editing to update the stock quantity. Follow the same process for any additional variations you may have, then Save to apply your changes.

Note: If an item is sold by a unit related to weight or length, you'll need to manage the stock quantities from your Square Item Library. Learn more about unit types.