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Add a Digital Item to Square Online

Efficiently manage sales with Square Online

Square Online accepts and manages orders, both online and in-store from social and mobile showroom to stockroom, for today and tomorrow.

Digital items (files, music, documents and other similar items) are added in much the same way as physical items. The main difference is in the way fulfillment is handled. At this time, you will need to send an email to your customers with a link to the file or files they purchased.


To add a digital item go to Items > Item Library from your dashboard and click Add Item. Use the Item Type menu to select Digital, then fill in the title, description, and add an image or images if you like.


Scroll down to the item variations section to set your price. You can rename the default variation from Regular to whatever you want - just click the Add/Manage variations button and click on the text to edit the name.


If you’re selling something that has different versions, you can use item options to offer all versions of your item in the same item. Click Add/Manage variations, then click Add variation and type a name for each option into the text field and hit enter. Add as many as you need, and save when you’re done.


You can set different prices for each option, or keep them all the same. When you’re finished setting up the item, click Save to go back to the Item Library page.


When your customer purchases a digital item, they’ll receive an order confirmation email that lets them know the file or files will be sent to them in a separate email. You can add a custom message to the order confirmation email from Settings > Store Emails. Click the “. . .” icon next to Order Confirmation and choose Edit Email. You can add your own text to the header, footer, or both, but keep in mind that all customers will receive this same confirmation email.

Note: Due to the different delivery methods for these items, they must be purchased separately from items that can be shipped or picked up in person.

Fulfillment of digital item orders must be done manually at this time. Depending on what you’re selling, you may be able to simply send the file as an email attachment. For larger or multiple files, you will need to upload and send your customers a link to access them. There are a number of services that provide file upload, storage, and sharing features, such as Dropbox and Google Drive. Google Drive is a good free option that’s available to anyone who has a Gmail account. Google has a how-to guide here if you’re unfamiliar with the process.

What if you only want to sell to customers living in your area? You can restrict purchases of these items to only the locations you’ve set up for shipping. It’s okay if you’re not actually selling any items that need to be shipped - these settings are also used to control who is allowed to purchase digital items, event tickets, memberships, and services from your website. Once you’ve set up which areas you will sell to, go to Setup > Shipping > Advanced Settings and click edit. Use the checkboxes here to allow or disallow purchases from anywhere in the world.